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Daily Thread Monday March 23rd!

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Morning folks!

Welp, here we are on Monday again I am just heading to work in a while. Then off to the gym afterwards.

Tomorrow I have an optometrist appointment, I think I may need glasses. Just a little prescription, but still I think I may need them

So, nothing much else going on...have a great day all!

Oh, 0 degrees today I guess...I can't wait until it really warms up!
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Don't feel too bad about the glasses. Lots of us wear them (I wear them for reading). I think they actually look kind of cool.
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I decided to keep wearing glasses, rather than getting eye surgery. I think I look better with them.

Today is shelter day. They have a fairly new crop of cats and kittens for me to meet. Then, tonight, a trip to San Antonio.
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Yep, glasses aren't bad, especially when you don't have to wear them all the time, which sounds unlikely in your case. They're a real pain in the rain, going inside on a cold day (they fog) and things like that, but for a casual user you just don't use them at those times.

As for my day, I came into work early to get a good start on my week. I have a lot of work to get done this week, so I like to come in early and organize what I want to work on (not to mention checking up on TCS ). It's going to be another nice day with a high of ~70. I'll try to get out and take a walk during lunch, but otherwise I probably won't see much of it. Thanks to daylight savings the sun should still be up when I leave though, so it should be a pleasant drive home.

As usual on Mon-Wed-Fri, I'll go to the gym on my way out of work, then home to make dinner. I've got a lot of reading that I need to do, plus a little that I want to do, so I'll probably spend my evening reading with a kitty or two snuggled up on my lap. Warmer weather means that soon the kitties will be less interested in sitting on my lap, so I'm going to enjoy it while it lasts.
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I am sitting here at work and both of my bosses called in today so it is just me at work today yipeee! I have been so busy at work the last week I think I am going to enjoy my boss free day and just work nice and slow no stress.

I have to leave work a little early I have to go to the dentist fun fun and then I am off to get my pre surgery EKG.

When I get home I have a little bit of housework to do that I was to lazy to do this weekend and then I am going to make Cheeseburgers and French Fries for dinner tonight for dinner.

Hope Everyone has a great day.
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I've been wearing glasses for decades as contacts cannot correct my vision to 20/20. Some pretty cool eyeglass frames are currently available.

The sun is trying to peek out but rain forecast today, tonite and tomorrow.

Got my spring containers done-pretty funky looking I'll try to post later as my dial-up connection has slowed down even further.

Just picking up around the house before I head off to work.

Have a good day!
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Cloudy, gloomy and raining today. In fact it will be like that most of the week with snow on Wednesday

Day off for me today. I'm soooo tired! If I had it my way today I'd still be sleeping. I did a double shift yesterday and was so wound up when I got home that I couldn't sleep even though I was dog tired. Finally went to bed around 3am. Chynna, my furry alarm clock was all over me before 8am demanding breakfast

I can't be upset with her though. I have a chiropractor appointment this morning and have to go and pick up some uniforms that I ordered, so I did need to get out of bed.

When I get home I'll nap, and then go to Safeway for some food, then I need to hem the uniform pants and do a couple loads of laundry. If I have time I decided to paint my nails. Or rather finish painting my nails. I have the left hand done but still have to finish the right hand
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Morning All!!!

Sunny but very cold here today.

Have a few errands to run today but that shouldn't take me to long I hope.

Other then that nothing special planned.

Didn't sleep all that well last night so am a little on the tired side this morning.

The kitties are good, watching the next door neighbor right now.

Everyone have a great day
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Beautiful sunny day today. I am still sick. I am thinking if my chest doesn't feel any better tomorrow. I will make a doctors appointment it has been 10 days.
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Good morning all!
I'm the same I wear glasses but only when I really need them. But I try to wear them a lot it just seems to help.

I'm hanging around my boyfriends apartment waiting for him to get off work. Gotta head back to Bristol tonight and really dont want to!!

I'm starting to get rather annoyed though, the downstairs neighbor is playing music rather loudly, but one of them works out in the garage and they only do it during the afternoon when I'm sure they think no one is really home. We've noticed it only happens monday - friday and only like 2pmish. So its not a biggy. And honestly it wouldnt bother me but they keep playing the SAME SONG! I dont get it!!!

I'm putting off showering and doing some laundry for him lol!

Hope everyone has a good day!
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I wear glasses as well, in fact when my orthopedist's assitant came to visit me in the hospital she was surprised since I always wear contacts and the first thing she said to me you look good in glasses! SO they aren't so bad I just don't see as well with my glasses as i do with my contacts.

TOday is boring...I'm 4 days post-op from major hip surgery so I'm still in pain, sick and all around uncomfortable. I do have to write a paper that is due tomorrow but I am totally lacking any motivation to do it. But at least i'm home with the kitties. Moo has attached himself to me and has been my guardian non-stop he sits nexts to me and glares at anyone who comes near or he sits on me and purrs REALLY loudly like his warm furry body and purring will help the pain. It doesn't in fact it usually makes it worse since he likes to sit ON the incisions but he does make me smile. So I usually just push him to the other leg.
Tilly does her own thing..she isn't much of a snuggler but even since I came home she has been content to sit near me or ontop of my head while I'm laying down and she rolls around purring and looking at me like she is trying to cheer me up with her cutness. Its that cuteness that saves her from my wrath at 4am when she is ontop of my head chewing my hair. (just kidding I don't get mad at her I just push her away I can't figure out her hair obession)

but i hope eveeryone has a great day!
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