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New cat new cat! Yayyy!

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I'm so excited. I've decided to get an additional cat so Luna can have a playfriend

I'm meeting the new cat on Wednesday and having a little meeting session with her and Luna to see how they take to one another.

I'm getting her from a foster carer I found on petrescue...

I'm so excited! I hope it works out, she says the cat I'll be meeting gets along with everyone and never gets annoyed with anything, which is great considering how nuts Luna can be!

Oh I'm so excited!!!
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Congrats!!!!!!!!!! That IS exciting!!! I wouldn't make the meeting with Luna a deal breaker, though... Cats generally don't get along with other cats right away, so it's really hard to judge by a first encounter, if not impossible.
Have fun watching them running around!
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Cool! What kind of cat, sex, age?
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Yay! How exciting indeed!
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I'm not sure an initial meeting will tell you much.
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Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!!

I do agree with the others not to be too put off if there's a bit of orneriness in the 'meeting' consider that one or both cats will be in a strange place, meeting with a strange cat and probably won't be too comfortable.
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thats wonderful! I can't wait to see the new cat, please post pictures when you get him!
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Congrats! Another kitty!! I hope they get along beautifully!
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Ok so it didn't go so all!

The other cat was great, we let her out of her kitty carrier and she was like oooh new cat! new house! and tried to greet Luna...but Luna started hissing so the other cat turned around and started exploring the place. But Luna was not happy, everytime the new cat came up to her she started hissing, so the cat just left her alone and kept exploring...

But Luna started following her very close behind, and everytime the new cat turned around Luna would hiss at her...

Now some of my kitchen cupboards don't have doors, and the new cat went in there to explore, well Luna followed her in and cornered her and tried to take a swipe at her but stopped when I told her not to.

Now this new kitty has a very nice temperment, doesn't care if other cats don't like her, doesn't get angry, but eventually she started hissing too as Luna wouldn't let her out of the corner and then tried to swipe at Luna, so I got Luna to come out and the other kitty ran away under my bed, and Luna started circling the bed waiting for her to come out.

We had to call the foster carer to come back and get her and by the time she got back, the kitty was still under the bed with Luna sitting, waiting, watching the bed waiting for her to come out so she could attack...

So umm yeah! The other cat was fine but Luna was such a diva...
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All cats do that when they first meet. ( well 99 percent) I would still go for it. Luna would probably adjust after a few days.
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Nah her fur was different to Luna and I started getting allergies once she entered the house so I think I might've been allergic anyways...
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*shrug* My cats do that, and we've had our kitten for about two or three months now. :3 It was a dominance issue - Luna wanted to be the dominant cat, and that's usually how they let each other know.

Aw, it sucks that you might've been allergic. ;__; It's annoying things like allergies that keep people from getting the things they want. D:
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Yes I've never noticed allergies towards animals before, but she had quite a ... fluffy kind of fur? It was very matte and shed quite easily, the texture was very light, I noticed a few minutes after she came in the house my throat was swelling up

So when Luna didn't seem to calm down over the course of a few hours I decided not to really persevere, I didn't see my allergies getting any better
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Allergies are strange things. You can be totally allergic to one cat and no problem with another one. If you do still want a second cat, don't be discouraged if Luna acts the same way. Cats have their ways and it just takes a while for them to adjust.
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