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My Kitten  

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I know I have not been on here in a while. But, we were kittyless for a while. We got a new kitten in Jan. He .. I found out was prolly close to 6weeks old. I didn't know that when I got him. He was always playful, and had a appetite. But, about 2 weeks after we got him.. (I thought he was closer to 10 weeks), we took him to the vet for his first shots. When it was then I found out he wasn't 10 weeks yet. Soo, he only got the Distemper shot at that point I Think. But, after that.. for a good month he was acting SO Weird. He stopped wanting to eat, wasn't playing at all! And got this mysterious Dot on his eye.. Only way to describe it is that it looks like a water spot. And it was SUPER Red. Well, we took him back to the vet. And she was worried it was FIP.. And this Toxo...Something. LOL He was 3.9 lbs at the first visit.. and 2nd visit he was Barley 3lbs. :-( Well, We got him a full blood panel done. And got him antibiotics and some drops for his eye. Well, he started eating more since then. *We have since ran out of both meds* But still wont play.. wont be a Normal Kitten. I still have to wake him up and take him to his food somtimes. And his eye still has the dot. He is Still VERY Boney. If Animal Control were to come here, they would think I wasn't feeding my kitten! I can take my thumb and middle finger and wrap them around his wast. He as of last night is starting to stumble when he walks. Like his back legs are jello. *Sigh* Well, his blood work came back All Normal.. he was showing signs of being anemic thats it. My friend held him today and said it feels like he has lost even more weight. :-/ God, I don't wanna loose this kitty! Oo, and he has pee'd outside his litter pan 2 times since the 1st vet visit, and tonight.. Pooed outside it. All times it had been clean. He drinks a crap load of water. I am just confused on what to do. Someone thinks he may have a auto Immune disorder.. which means he would have to be on antibiotics his whole life.. which isn't good for him either. But we also don't have thousands of dollars on tests.. :-/ What should I do? Any Suggestions on what this could be that I could bring it up to my vet?! Anyone ever seen this or been through it?

Any help is appreciated.

That is his eye, Before it got SUPER Red *Before vet*

A Video i got of him playing when we first got him. Now he wont TOUCH any of his toys.

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Poor little guy! What all has he been tested for? FeLV/FIV, etc.? Those are usually fairly inexpensive tests. What brand are you feeding him? Any canned food, or just dry? How is his appetite? Where did you get him? Do you know his background?
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Try giving him some KMR with a bottle if he doesn't drink on his own... If he doesn't drink from the bottle, try feeding him with a syringe. KMR should give him some nutrition. Also try to put some karo syrup (corn syrup) into his mouth (just a little) to see if it helps with his appetite.
I would start him on KMR immediately - he needs to get some nutrition, it sounds like he is getting weak...
ETA You can buy KMR at Petco or petsmart.
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he eats Dry.. and it is Natural Balance. So he eats better then my dogs! Lol He wont touch canned foods. He is eating now.. better. But I have to usually get him from a Sleep to get him to eat. He beats me to the feeding spot most the time now. But, just isn't gaining weight. And sometimes when I put him there *When he was sleeping and I Fetched him* He sits there a bit before he eats. It is like sometimes he just isn't interested. He was neg for the Luk and Aids. I don't know his background.. other then his mom had a litter from being a indoor outdoor kitty. There were 3 other siblings. And a friend of mine took one of the females.. and I talked to her last night..and she is PERFECT. Plays, eats, being onrey. Like a normal Kitten. No Issue. I will look into the KMR too. Any one seen this before? Any ideas on what I Can tell the vet to test for?
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I am so sorry for your kitten and I know how concerned you must be. Two of mine had more than average reactions to vaccines. I noticed when mine were so sick after the vaccines that the vets are very vague/passive about reactions. One of my kittens was sick for two weeks then slowly improved.

This site is very general about vaccine reactions but may be informational.

There is a place on this site to report vaccine reactions. That may help in the long run to have it recorded somewhere other than the vet office.

I have seen several that warn against vaccines earlier than 8 weeks. I do not know personally.

I would ask about a neurological or heart problem to make sure that everything possible was checked.

The veterinary universities are great places to go when the local vet cannot diagnosis a problem. Might be worth looking into and they are cheaper than a regular vet in my area.

I hope things get better fast. Sorry I have no helpful advice.

Edit: Ask about something called "Florida Spots". I don't know if this is correct or just something that is more of an old wives tale. It has something to do with cats born in warm humid climates that get light spots on the eye. A virus in cats with a weakened immune system? Can't remember much about it, just thought I would mention in case it helped.
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Sadly to say, we lost Julius today! Not from being sick.. But from a new foster I just was walking in the door with... The dog Killed Julius! I Really am not ready to talk about it, as it just happend a hr ago. But he is no longer with us!

RIP my dear orange boy! Momma and daddy will miss you greatly! Falise and Tyson will be with you again one day! I Love you Julius!
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I'll close this thread. When you are ready, perhaps you could post in the Bridge forum.
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