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Has a "Katrina" moment arrived?

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Good opinion piece.
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I did watch Barack on 60 minutes on CBS website and he was pretty good.

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Some good points in that piece. The Obama administration is trying to address the economic problems, but if the American morale is ignored for much longer, that's going to become a pretty serious problem. As the piece notes, there's a lot of anger out there. Just read some of the threads here in this forum. A good leader leads by inspiring his troops as much or more than by issuing the orders. Pres. Obama has great personal charisma that's not being put to good use. What the heck are his advisers doing? Are they sitting around watching old campaign tapes? Why aren't they out there sampling the mood in America? They'd better get on the stick; the 100-day honeymoon is rapidly draining away.

The flipside to this is that the Republican party is in danger of letting their chances at taking the next elections drain away as well. Instead of coming up with some positives, they're concentrating on the negatives: sniping at the Democrats and the administration. Well, it seems politics as usual in Washington. Why don't those people ever learn?

No wonder the people are angry.
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