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Nocternal "Galloper"

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Our cats are trained to go to the basement at night to keep out of trouble. They are indoor cats.

They don't seem to think of it as banishment, it is clean, spacious, cat-proofed etc. with places to run, hide and do whatever they want. They often go down there during the day, by choice.

On Friday night, I was "home alone" and decided to let Morgan stay upstairs for a change.

Morgan is a 10 year old "tuxedo" cat, she is trim, in good health and doesn't know she's a senior cat.

Morgan makes odd, happy, chirping noises and spontaneously "gallops" through the house, off and on for a good part of the night. Needless to say, she has no concern about distirbing me you here her charge down the hall, then she jumps on me, makes an odd sound, turns and runs back down the hall, etc.

It is funny once and a while but I'd never leave her up on a work night. It is a good reminder of why they go downstairs at night.
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My cat had an episode of 'Night Galloping' last night actually. She's usually in play mode when we go to bed and during the night sometimes, but last night, man, it's like she was on kitty crack or something! Racing between the living room and bedroom, on and off the bed, back into the LR, back into the BR, under the bed, on the bed, out again, etc. I never saw her like that before and it just made me crack up! She did eventually stop the insanity though and settled into bed for a bit..
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Zane almost never does this. It would probably be good for him if he did, rotund as he is.
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