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I can't hear them purr :(

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I have bad ears and have been fighting a double ear infection in both ears since Jan. I have tubes in my ears now but they have wiggled loose and are not allowing the fluid to drain and I am going temporarily deaf. I have lost almost all of my hearing due to fluid in my ears. The other day when the ENT ran my hearing test I flat lined on the right meaning no sound and I had very little movement in the left. I can hear high pitch noises and people talk only if they look at me. It is really frustrating. The good thing is I am having surgery next Tuesday to hopefully fix this.

I was just laying with the babies and I realized I can't hear them purr I can feel them vibrate but I can't hear them and it makes me sad. I was cooking dinner tonight and I couldn't hear the food sizzle. It is funny the things you become accustom to and when it is gone you think to your self wow how many things do I hear daily that I take for granted.

It scares me too because I can't hear anything like driving I can't hear the traffic, People ask me questions and I have to rudely ask What? over and over.

Anyways I thought you all would understand my sadness of not being able to hear my babies purr or meow at me.
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Awwww, at least you can feel them purring on their bellies!
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There is at least one deaf member of TCS. I think the difference here is that you used to be able to hear them purr. that you'll be able to get the tubes fixed and you'll hear them purr again! I'm so sorry you're having this trouble. I can understand it must be very sad and frustrating!

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Thank you and yes very frustrating for me and everyone around me as they just can't get used to the fact I am unable to hear them. So they get a little frustrated with me because I am having to ask them to repeat and also I am talking to softly where they can't hear me because since I can't hear myself talk I can't tell if I am yelling or whisphering.
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I'm sorry you're going through that and I'm sure it's verrry frustrating.
Please don't be sad not hearing your furbabies! Know they love you ... just hug them and feel the purrs.

Sending for your surgery!
Lots of
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Best of luck for your surgery.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Awwww, at least you can feel them purring on their bellies!
sorry to hear this - deafness [temporary or otherwise] is considered one of the most severe disabilities, because we are such a sound-oriented species.
best of luck on your surgery!
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I hope your surgery goes well!! Im really sorry with what you are going through and I will pray and keep you in my thoughts!
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I can't hear my cats purr, but I can certainly feel it. At least your deafness is temporary, which has to be a relief. I can understand that it has got to be hard for you - I am sure it is a lot harder when it happens all of a sudden as opposed to being born with it like me.

Get better soon.
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I hope you get better real soon
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Best wishes that you get better soon!
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I hope your surgery goes well and your hearing will be much better. It is true that we don't miss things till we lose them. I wish you the best of luck.
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