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Pictures from the cat show! (PIC HEAVY)

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Yosemite and I went to our first ever cat show today in Hamilton ON! Here are some pics my SO got of the BEAUTIFUL cats! Still doesn't do them justice! Had a fantastic time!

I think Oriental Shorthair

My first ever encounter with a Sphynx!

My personal Favourite.... modern Siamese

A scottish Fold!

A little Burmese

A persian

My SO's dream cat the balinese

Devon rex/cornish rex

I think this is the ocicat for goldenkitty!

And what's a cat show without a little cattitude?

This is a select few of the pictures we got! there were tons of other cats and breeds!
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Nice pictures - LOVEEEEEEE that red tabby Cornish Rex!

Your "ocicat" is a nice Ruddy Aby (1/2 point since the Aby is part of the background of the but Abymummy will be pleased to see one.
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hahaha sorry!! I'll look for the picture of the Oci again!! we took pictures specifically!!!!!
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The Sphynx is very handsome..all the cats were lovely
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I the sphynx.
All thecats are nice looking though.
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There were 2 beautiful Somalis as well.
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Cello wanted a go as a show cat, I don't think he fits the breed standard though

One more try at the oci.... might be a bengal though!

and a pretty ragdoll I left out!
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They're all beautiful, but there is just something really, really endearing about that little Burmese...maybe it's the pouting-like face or something, but I think he/she is just way, way too cute.
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Oh my goodness.. they are all so beautiful!!!
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those are great pics!! I love the Rex with his tongue out
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Still no Oci pic. That one was a bengal.
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Originally Posted by lmunsie View Post
A persian

YUM!! I like Persians!
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