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Nikita, new pics!

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Right it's been aaages since I last posted pics here.

I just had a photo session today with her, both to get blurry action shots and more standard kitty pics.

Here's the girl, I think her colour has stopped changing now, she's over 3 years old now, time really does fly.

A pic of when she was 4 months old for comparison

anyway, back to the present:

She'd just 'killed' the toy spider.

..hmm, what's hidden under the blanket

ah, it's a hair toy

It can double as a cat toy *poke poke*

and time for the action shots:




Air Nikita

I hope you enjoyed these.
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Wow what a cutie! I love the action shots!!
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WOW - gorgeous girl you got there!
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She is absolutely stunning! What a beautiful rich red coloring she grew into! Priceless pics!
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She has grown into an absolutely breathtaking girl! Love the action pics!
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she is so beautiful! I love her, I'm sure you do too!
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Nakita is a beautiful girl!!!!!!!
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The rich colors in Nikita's coat are stunning.

As always....
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WOW! Nikita is so stunningly beautiful! I love the action shots too
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