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Ally's new friend!

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Ok, so this photo isn't of her new friend, but rather is of her new friend's sister who looks almost identical (just a tad bit smaller) than her brother (Ally's new friend).

Ally's new friend is a 3-3.5 month old American short-hair male with orange/white tiger coloration.

I felt bad splitting him up from his sister (in the photo), but even if I could could take care of 3 cats, the apt complex we'll all be living in has a 2 cat per unit limit. His sister is adorable though, and they've only been there for 4 days, so I'm sure she'll get adopted quickly. Also, she still has another brother left at the shelter for her to play with although he's a different coloration (possibly a different father).

Anyways, I pick him up tomorrow after he's been neutered and I just have this feeling that Ally and he will get along really well. He's really sweet and well socialized.

So, now I need to think of a name.

ETA: Also, this picture isn't mine. It's from the shelter's website. The kitten pictured is named Zoey. If anybody here is in South Florida and wants to adopt a sweetie, she's available as of the moment (but I bet not for long). She's at the Broward Humane Society on Griffin Rd. in Dania just west of I-95. Her shelter ID is A344676.
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Yay! You found Ally a friend! I can't wait to hear how Ally gets along with the new guy! That's so awesome!
As far as names umm ... how about OJ, Rusty or maybe Oliver?
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Congratulations for getting him!!!
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How exciting...
a new kitty cat.

I will be watching for your updates.
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Oh, my goodness - if the brother looks like this girl, you have one gorgeous pair of cats! They'll set each other off so beautifully.

It kills me to leave any cat behind, but I too have a two cat limit at home. But, there are two cats who will have a wonderful home, thanks to you. And maybe this little girl and her other brother will find a home really soon.

When you come up for air, I think we all want to hear how the little guy attracted you, and of course we'll want blow by blow narrative of how the two of them get along. Have you told Aly about her new kitten already?

I've always liked Jack for a boy - but the name will come to you. My guy ended up Dante because I happened to have a book on the Italian Renaissance out and thought it suited him.
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Lawguy - I am so happy for you and Ally! Can't wait until tomorrow to hear everything about him! Please please post pictures asap, ok!!!
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Will do. The only problem with the new kitten is that he supposedly has ear mites.

The treatment for that is what I'd already be putting him on anyways though - Revolution. Ally's already been on it for a month and just her second dose of it today in fact so I don't anticipate a problem.
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Congrats on the new addition! An orange boy! I find male orange cats to be really good puddies. But then - hey - I love them all.

A name will come to you - I tend to name based on personality. I rename all our shelter kitties to suit me... I mean I don't do it on their records and cage cards, but I always have nicknames.

You could name him Sunny or Sonny - since he's your boy, he's orange and he's got a sunny disposition.....

Sunny and Ally... hmmmm......
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Sonny.... hey! That's not half bad!

I will give it some thought over the night. His shelter name was "Harvey", but unfortunately I have an uncle named Harvey and for reasons that aren't really worth going into, I'd hate for such a sweet kitty to share his name. lol.
if the brother looks like this girl
He does. They're almost identical except for the brother being slightly larger (I assume because he's a male).

It was a tough call between the two of them. I wanted to get a kitten that would be up for playing with a 4 month old, and with the male being just about her size exactly, I figured it would work out best with him. I had mixed feelings about getting a male or female and arguments for each way.

Anyways, on a sidenote, visiting the humane society really made me sad. So many wonderful animals going through something so sad just got me upset. There were SO MANY adults animals that have supposedly been given up because of the economic situation. If it wasn't for the fact that Ally was so young, I would have taken an adult.

I hope they all get adopted soon.

Anyways, photos soon of Ally and the new kitten. I have to get a tag printed up for him tomorrow and a collar. It's required for adoption. I figured I'd just get the same safety collar Ally has, but in blue instead of pink like she has.
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The usual advice is to get a cat close in age to the resident cat - so the energy levels more or less match, so I think you did well for Ally. I adopted adults, but it makes me so sad to see so many older animals given up these days. I do suggest to people thinking of adopting pets to consider adults - while puppies and kittens are just about irresistable, depending on the home situation, an adult could fit in much better, and at least my experience suggests they'll bond very well.

But just think - in giving Ally a new life and home, you've also helped another kitten. And, I bet it's sometimes hard for you to remember life without the little girl - as many challenges as you both faced, I bet you'd never give her up.

Good luck with the ear mites - but I can't imagine anyone who will take better care of these two, no matter what health issues pop up.
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Some of my cats, I just knew their name immediately, and then some it took months for me to come up with a name. Gus was Gus the second I met him, so was Maggie and her brother Jack. There was this gray stray tom around here for months and I just recently picked out the name Arthur! I'm excited to hear what you decide!!
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it's easier for me if i have a theme for names. current theme is computer-related stuff.
but i like Sunny better than Sonny - but i prefer non-human names for my pets. to me, Sonny is a human name - especially since that's what my dad went by for about the first 1/3 of his life! his nieces & nephews call him "Uncle Sonny". he started going by Monty in the Navy, & that's what he uses now.
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Interesting, to me it's the opposite these days. My dog's name is not a human name, but he's named after a fictional character from a children's book (Ribsy).

I originally had named Ally "Socks" after another character by the same author. I quickly changed it though and am glad I did. With Ally's wide range of emotions, I see her as more of a very furry teeny person than an animal now and so I like her name.

I've been thinking, and I kind of like Sonny, as well as Jeffrey and Casey.

I think it should end with an "ee" sound as I found that the advice here was on the money about kittens learning their name faster that way.

I will keep thinking.

OJ was cute, but I think the name has unfortunately been tainted by Mr. Simpson. lol. If I named him OJ, I'd have to take a photo of him in little kitty prison clothes.
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I don't know why I didn't think of that! I was thinking orange juice and Simpson never crossed my mind!
"little kitty prison clothes"
I think Sonny is an excellent name!
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Here he is!

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Awww.... so cute!!!! Congratulations on your new baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just look at that adorable face....
he is a very handsome little tiger.

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OH how handsome! Look at that face!!!
So how is Ally doing with her new good looking boy?? Are you still picking out a name?
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Wow he is ADORABLE! Congrats on your new addition!
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I'm still working on the name.

Ally only got to see him from a distance of 10 feet today. I was told not to let them start playing or getting close for 10 days in case he has a URI. She didn't seem to react at all. I wasn't sure what to make of it.

She started to tremble on the way back to our room, which had me worried, but I think it was just because she's not really been out of this room for weeks and was stressed about being out of her safe zone.

I think once I bring him in here in 10 days, all will be fine. He's a very sweet cat, just like Ally (maybe a little sweeter because he is a bit more socialized than her, but it would really be a close tie if I had to rank them by how sweet they are).
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Congrats on the new cat.
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Aw, geez - he's a skinny lil thing! I looked in his face and I see "Rusty."
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He's adorable. I love the red tabbies, boys and girls.
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I read your post in nutrition about him being thin and you're right--but I think he'll beef up quickly.

Life will never be the same now that you've entered the world of red tabbies!

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It's too bad that Ally is getting spayed and that he is neutered.

I have this feeling that if they had kittens, they'd be the cutest kittens ever.

Then again, the world has too many kittens already unfortunately. If that wasn't the case though, and the world was a bit more utopian, I would love to see the offspring of my little furry kids.
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Awww my new boy is an orange guy as well Named him Galahad I went crazy trying to find a suitable "orange" name so went with an unusual one I liked

I thought about Richie Cattingham.

Sebastian knows his name well even though it doesn't end in ee. He especially understands "Sebastian Alexander!!"

Right now, Galahad thinks his name is "NO!" I do call him My Funny Sunny as a nickname.
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OOps, missed your siggie with the name Ollie. Congrats!
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Awwwww, he is so cute! Ollie is a great name for him, and he'll fatten up over time. It's a good thing that he's neutered and Ally's getting spayed, though, not too bad. No oops babies for them!
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