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Urgent: Advice for CRF non presciption food for cat in India

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Hi, My name is sagar and I joined this group just now in search of some advice for my CRF cat.

Based on reading articles on the net, I bought following food to send to my cat. Can any one tell me if following are good for a CRF cat:

(1) Hills Science Indoor Mature 7+ (dry)
(2) Royal Canine Indoor Mature 27 (dry)
(3) Hills Science Savory Chiken Entree Adult Mature 7+ (canned)

About my cat, he is in India (10+ year old) and Dr. has just detected CRF creatinine 1.7 . My vet in India giving him some fluids for past 5 days he thinks there is some improvement.

I am going to India just for my cat in 3 days and was searching to get the food for him. Unfortunately I can not get any prescribed food so only option I have is to go for non-prescribed one. After reading many sites and looking charts I have bought above food and want to confirm if I did a right purchase.

If you can suggest any other non-prescribed CRF food please do
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There are other opinions out there so there ae other options. I for one, do noty see the logic of feeding dry food which is dehydrating to a cat that is dehydrated. I also bel;ieve a canivore needs protein--good protein being animal based versus vegetable based protein
Treatment of Chronic Renal Failure

If your cat is not in final stages, this is not want you want to do. You do not want to put your cat on the
Vets low protein diet. There are simply so many better options out there than to hand the poor cat a low amount of poor quality protein - which often results in a poor appetite and muscle wasting since the body is now robbing its own muscle mass to feed itself a decent quality and amount of protein.
. There are new thoughts on this and the thinking is it is not the amount of protein but the quality of protein that matters.
The Merck veterinary manual [www.merckvetmanual.com] says that cats need "4 g of protein of high biologic value per kg body wt/day". That's about 7 calories from protein per pound body weight per day. If a cat isn't a good eater and consumes, say, 20 calories per pound per day, then 7/20 = 35% of calories can safely be from protein. It must be high quality protein, which means meat, fish, milk, and eggs, and not grain or soy.
Dry foods. Many use a vegetable based protein instead of animal and that is part of the problem.. Your cat needs protein as it is a carnivore and cutting down on it will lead to other health issues and may cause faster degeneration.
You want to cut down on phosphorous

The best way to do this is with a raw diet which you can make yourself or buy. (Making yourself is better) link provided at the bottom
If you are unwilling to do that then something like the non fish flavors of Wellness or Merrick with NO grains are good alternatives. Wysong is also a good canned choice.
I know thee aren't available whee you ae but you can look at the list and make comparisons
This list gives a breakdown. Remember you want low phosphorous

You should be giving sub-Q fluids as needed.

You also will want to look into phosphorous binders. Something like aluminum hydroxide
Ask your vet or look into calcitrol

You may want to talk to the vet about having injectable Pepcid AC on hand or you can buy it in pill form (ac not plain pepcid) and give 1/4 tab for stomach upset which happens a lot in crf cats due to acid in the stomach.
I hope this stuff helps, here are many links for you
Making cat food
other links. Read, read, read!!!!

About that vets diet. This report is for dogs but applies to cats
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I would suggest reading thru the sticky on this forum about Crf ... LOADS of info FROM folks who ACTUALLY have dealt with it ... many differing opinions and options ...

I took the very holistic approach : ie raw with supplements from whole foods with a little canned... NO actual conventional meds used except for antibiotics as needed for the UTIs that showed up once or twice a yr ( never prior to the CRF )

I second the no dry food , though till you can use( after discussing with your vet) a LOWER protein one Royal canin I believe it is called active mature and Nutro max senior have seniors that meet this ( my RB crf girl also started here till I got a game plan) .. At this pt IMHO any wet food will work ( what is the BUN number) .....
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