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Silly Billy's pretty happy these days!

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For those who aren't familiar with his story, Billy and Bing turned up this summer with their sister. We got them to the vet to be speutered - she went into labor and we found a foster home for her and her four kittens. But we released Billy and Bing (they were about 1 1/2 years old), and they were inseparable. We worked SO hard to find them a home together, but could only find a home for Bing and the cold weather was upon us.

We HATED splitting them up - and we could NOT leave Billy outside. So... technically a foster (yeah, right), our seventh kitty joined us inside. He tried to headbump all our kitties, who thought he was nuts. He's made friends with Shelly (who grooms him and makes Bill purr like a maniac), Flowerbelle (now that he's learned to play more gently) and Ming Loy. Tuxedo grooms him too - but only his clipped ear. Spooky's gotten over her hissy fits. Lazlo still doesn't like having him around - but Bill doesn't let that get him down.

He's so silly! Our little stretcher boy....

Bad lighting, but SO Billy!

...and he loves the comfortable bed. His cute little clover-leaf nose!

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Billy looks like a big ol' sweetie. It's good to see him settling into your home.
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Awwwww Billy's certainly one content and happy little boy Laurie
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Awww!!! Such a sweetie!!! So glad you could give him a home and that most all of the other cats have accepted him!
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Awww, another Silly Billy!

He looks so easy going.. that should make it a lot easier for the others, huh? And suuuuch a cutie-pie!

From my Billy to yours.. glad to see such a happy cat!
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He's such a beautiful boy and obviously very content too.
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What a sweet loving cat! Billy looks so happy and content What a handsome boy!!!
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OH MY- That has to be one of the cutest noses I've ever seen!!!

He looks like such a happy, laid-back, gorgeous boy!
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KittyBernard - "hi" right back at your Billy from ours!

GirlSetsFiyah - we are both in love with his cloverleaf nose. You can kind of see them in the first pic - I'll find a better pic of it - but he's also got "racing stripes" under his chin!

And he is a total sweetheart. It really is part of the reason we felt OK about bringing him in with us - he is so submissive to the other kitties. We didn't know he'd become a lap cat so fast, but he just adores being loved on - by us and especially the other kitties, which is just too sweet.

We still feel bad about splitting him up from his brother. But we get regular updates from Bing's mom, and he's happy and doing well, so I guess given the choice of splitting them up and getting them inside or leaving them outside together, we made the right choice. And we wound up with a total lover.

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What adorable pics! He definitely looks happy!
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Oh Laurie its so good to hear that hes getting some kitty love, after wanting that so much. Hes so beautiful and his little personality sounds so very sweet.
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Billy is beautiful! Gee, he doesn't look TOO relaxed inside...

I like his bow tie mustache, cool markings on that guy!
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He's so cute!!
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