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Eye discharge

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My Cat, Josie, is on the 2nd day of meds for a URI. She is getting a lot discharge from her eyes. And her left eye is almost closed at this point. I've been wiping her with gauze dipped in warm water with a pinch of salt once a day. Is there anything else I can do. Poor thing looks miserable.
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Poor thing. Other than a warm compress, there's not much else you can do. It should clear up with the meds for the URI, but it'll take a few days. Steaming or running a vaporizer near where she sleeps will help with the breathing and may help with the eye. Did the vet give you any kind of eye drops?
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I will take her to the shelter clinic tomorrow. Meanwhile the local vet gave me a bunch of gauze to wipe her eyes as needed. The vet said meds were likely and that she should get a collar to prevent her from pawing her face.
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One of my cats gets an eye infection at least once a year. She gets Optixcare Lubricant as well as Tobramycin. The lubricant really helps her not paw at her eye. We've not had to ever use a cone or Elizabethan collar on her.
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This is what Ally had when I first found her. That is if you're talking about pus in the discharge.

Taking her to a clinic would be a good idea, but for the eye discharge here's what you do:

Go to the local pharmacy and get eye wash (yes, the standard kind we use on people - it's just filtered/distilled water). Hold her eyes open one at a time and squeeze some of the eye wash in there, then wipe with a clean gauze (always a clean gauze!). Then, get some Vetropolycin at your vet. Put a little bit in each eye and rub it around (you'll have to hold her eyes open as you do this otherwise it won't get in there). Wipe the excess on the eye lids, particularly on the edges.

That was what cured Ally's really bad eye infection with lots of discharge. She couldn't even open her eyes at one point.
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