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Needing help

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Hello. I was looking to get an idea of when some of you think my cat may have her kittens. We rescued her and weren't told she was pregnant. When really noticed alittle over a month ago. I know there gestation period but I dont know how far she is. She is very big and uncomfortable.. She seems to have gotten milk in her back 2 teats and no where else, at least I believe thats what it is.. There are 2 lumps sort of. Also I noticed she has chewed the hair surrounding those nipples. I just noticed it so I havent looked at the other ones yet. How long would you guess she has left. Im very anxious. Im also concerned that if only the back 2 have milk.. Will it stay that way?n Or will I not know til the babies come? Thanks for reading. This is my 1st time on here so I hope I did this right! Thanks for your help!
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Anyone have any advice for me at all????????
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The milk usually starts coming in about 10 days to two weeks before delivery, if that gives you anything to go by at all. The back glands begin to fill first, then moving on upwards towards the chest area. Have you noticed any movement from the kittens in utero? Sometimes, at this stage, they appear to be doing the mambo in there!!
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Yes. I have noticed alot of movement for awhile now. They are very active! Im just so anxious and I know she is so uncomfortable. I think she's getting more on edge now too with our dog. She has milk in the back ones but I think a small amount in the front too but not too sure. I know I first noticed in the beginning of Feb but Im sure she was pregnant before that so I know she's close.. I just never noticed the milk until a few days ago but she may have got it in before that.
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There is a very good article here:

Take a look and see if that doesn't assist you a bit more. Best of luck and please let us know how it goes?
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Usually it is a max. of 2 weeks when you feel them moving...
it should be soon...Good luck!
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Thanks so much! I think it'll be anyday!!
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Keep us updated on how she is!
Good Luck!
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Ok guys.. Ive noticed she is meowing alittle more all the sudden and she seems to be tightening her bottom and her tail.. I just started to notice so I dont know if its just something she is doing at the moment or if she is in labor. She doesnt want me to touch her belly as much right now. Usually she likes it. She's just acting somewhat normal thou.. What do you think? I mean if these are signs.. How long before Im sure she is in labor or before I know it may be just me being over cautious?? Thanks!
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Sounds like she could be in labor, but you have to know these kitties drive us all crazy the last few days (or weeks) giving mixed signals. Just keep an eye on her. Do you have a safe place for her to have her babies? Not that she'll use whatever room or nesting box you've set up. She'll choose her own spot anyway. Keep us updated.
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Try and have her lie down(though she may not want to, if she's in labor).
Then you can look for contrations, and check on her regularly. Also check and see if she's wet from losing her mucus plug, or if she's licking herself alot. There's not to much more I can say, just watch her carefully! Have her confined to a room(If she isn't already), and just wait!
Good luck to you and your kitty!
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Ive got her bad ready! I have all the rooms I dont want her in closed off and the dog is up and kids are in bed. We are prepared! LOL... She just seems overly uncomfortable tonight and just acting a little more weird than normal.
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Any contractions?
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I just noticed she has redish/brown colored "stuff" on her "area" and I noticed something I believe to be her mucus plug. She is so uncomfortable that she cant sit stil and it still licking it. It looks like she is having contractions!! Im so excited!
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Yay! Congrats! Any kittens?
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