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Sunday!! What's On Your Agenda?

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Morning All!!

Sunny and about 0C here so far so it looks like it might be a fairly nice day.

Not a whole lot to do today, have to take some movies back and stop by the pet-store for kitty treats.

Other then that just that just changing the litter boxes and tidying up the house a bit.

The kitties are all napping right now, they were tearing around the house earlier and tired themselves out.

Everyone have a great day
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Well, today is Mother's Day here, so we've been out to see Hubby's Mum and my Mum.

I've been spoilt by my "little" girl and had a nice text from Son (he lives in another country now). I'm relaxing in front of the laptop and TV and watching all the little birds in the garden - I'm sure that a pair are sizing up our nest box as a potential home for the Spring. I'm just willing them to call it home
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Good Morning Everyone!

I am making home made Blueberry Muffins for breakfast this morning and after we eat I have some laundry and housework I need to get done before the work week starts.

I may go to the grocery store later depends if I get what I need to do around the house done if not I will go during the week.

Other than that I have a pretty easy and relaxing day ahead of me.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good afternoon,

We have an absolutely stunning day today with blue skies and a temp of 68 degrees (20 C).

I went to Borders at around 10:30 this morning and drank a cup of coffee and ate a raspberry scone. I sat in there for about 2 hours reading scientific papers as part of the literature review for my dissertation. I got a good bit of reading done, at least until a couple of loud talkers came in and I couldn't concentrate any more. While I was a Borders, I picked up a couple of really nice coffee table astronomy books for less that $10 each and a couple of magazines. I'd go to Borders more often, but it's just not possible for me to go in there without buying a couple of things.

After Borders, I went to the Petsmart next door (yeah, that particular shopping center is a mecca for me - even has a Kohl's that I go to a lot. ) I picked up a couple of different kinds of food to try on the furkids, as well as some unscented litter and a great big corrugated scratching pad. I also picked up a Turbo Scratcher toy. It seems to be a hit so far - I can hear Promise playing with it behind me.

Not a lot else planned for the day. I still have a lot more papers to read, plus maybe a nap sometime before dinner, then make my lunch and get set for work tomorrow. Maybe a couple of hours of TV before bed.
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We went and did some errands today. Stopped at the pet store for some wet food for the girls, then some shopping. Came home and worked out. Now I gotta work on my little photo album I'm giving my friend to ask her to be a bridesmaid in our wedding. I'm making one for my maid of honor too, but she already knows that she's the MOH. Other than that, relaxing and enjoying what's left of the weekend.
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My SO and I just watched Season 3 Episode 1 of The Tudors. I painted my nails. Fed the kitties and the dog. That's pretty much it so far.

For the rest of the day, I'd like to go to the grocery store, the gas station, walk the dog, do some laundry...
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Slow day for me,
cleaned the litter boxes this morning, washing all my bedding (still have sheets to do, sheesh!) did a little tailoring on a new scrub top I bought and am making loads of muffins (will freeze most of them). The goal is to give the house a good scrub before tomorrow, whew!
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We skipped Church today because we went out to Brunch, which was delicious and then went to a Fashion Show, which was fun, I liked MOST of the clothes.
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We went to church..then came home, made some lunch and threw the dinner in the crockpot. Did laundry, had a nap..and now Josh is doing homework and I am doing this and filing my nails
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Well...we were supposed to build the fence, but ended up spending most of the day hauling a kitchen hutch set! We went to Home Depot 1st, around 9AM, to get some numbers for the new mailbox I installed yesterday. Well, I went next door to another store, and decided to buy the white hutch/drawer cabinet I've lusted over for months (and it went on sale!!). Part of the reason is Marge. I had a baker's rack, and she feels secure on the middle shelf (the other cats attack her). I even put a blanket there for her. One problem: I hate the rack, the one shelf was warped, and mostly because poor Margie had trouble standing up, due to the shelf above her. Time to buy something to accomodate Marge! (Yes, I just spent $300 to please the cat. I know I'm not the ONLY one here that would do that, so stop laughing! ) Well, the thing came assembled in 2 huge boxes--we didn't know that. We thought it would be unassembled. We had to make 2 more trips to get it.

It's really nice, and give me tons of storage space...and Marge is warming up to it. I just taught her to get on the shelf on command, "Marge, go to your hutch!" She does!

I also put the numbers on the mailbox, after painting the post, and bought 3 raspberry bushes, and 1 blackberry bush, and some yellow Johnny-Jump-Ups to plant around the base of the mailbox.
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I worked a double shift today. Started at 7:30 am and finished at 11:30 pm. I'm absolutely exhausted! It was such a busy shift!

I'm about to decallous my feet and apply some lotion. Chynna is on my desk sound asleep after having gotten ear scritches. Abby is beside me on the chair hugging my leg and looking for tummy rubs!
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