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Bun warmers

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I mentioned it elsewhere, but cats don't use our possessions for their intended uses. A laptop is a good example.

Clearly, Ella thinks it's a bun warmer. How about yours?
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Too funny! Stumpy loves to sit on my warm laptop also.

Here is Koko posing for the original TCS cookbook:

Pinky, using our Nordic Trak for a bed:
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Oh, these pics are great. They made me laugh.
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Awwwwww theres nothing like a warm bottom
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LOL.. there are a lot of ingenious kitties on this site!

Sorry Sill Bill! I know you like to be warm, but it's NOT happening!
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post

Pinky, using our Nordic Trak for a bed:
These are to cute! I especially remember the poster clips!!!!!
This was Maia's......
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lol, great pics!!
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