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A peaceful evening

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After spending all day cleaning venetian blinds, Dottie relaxed with a good book, and good friends.

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They got her exactly where they want her, don't they? What big snuggle buns!

I'm not sure that I saw a picture of Dottie before. It's good to see a face with a name Mike.
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Yep, that's my "truck driver mama." Except now she's teaching new drivers how to get going in the industry.

Sterling, on her lap, is definitely her "lover boy." He sleeps next to her every night. Punkin wil NOT sleep on the bed...usually.
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Wow _ I didn't realize that STerling had such beautiful markings!!
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What a sweet family pic. I can't think of a better way to past the time than with a book and a lapful of cats.
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Oooooo, a lap kitty and a foot warmer! Sounds like the perfect evening!

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Sure does look relaxing! Gotta love how the cats double as a foot warmer.

I'm getting to be a fan of sir Punkin' there, not to mention!
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Punkin is an odd cat. He is the best cat we've ever had. He is calm, friendly, gentle, undemanding, and clean. He is still very playful, although he's six years old. He has tolerated every new cat here very well. Even Sterling, who harasses Punkin all the time, just gets wrestled with.

The funny thing is that Punkin is NOT a lap cat. He wants to be near us, and he follows everywhere in the house, but he won't cuddle up. He rode about 400,000 miles in our truck, riding on the dashboard, passenger seat, or map basket by the driver's seat, so we could pet him whenever we wanted to.

He also has a funny, wiggling walk that has sometimes prompted us to call him "Swivelbutt."

He has almost no voice at all, and the tiniest little purr.
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I just had to laugh when I saw this! So I'm not the only one! I usually have ReeRee up by my chest and Rocko over my legs. So cute!!
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