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i'm back!! (with bad news and good news)

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I am finally back on the cat site. I have not been on for months! (or at least it seems like!) We almost had to get rid of all of our cats! I am so glad we don't have to get rid of our cats... The only bad thing is, we may have to get rid of our dog. See, my sister has been having asthma problems all of a sudden, so my mom took her to the allergist. It turns out that she is allergic to 14 things, including dogs, cats, and animals in general. The thing with the dog, gracie, is that she brings inside a lot of the stuff that she's allergic to, like ragweed, trees and grass. Other wise we would definetly wouldn't have to get rid of Gracie. I am sooooooo thankful we don't have to get rid of the three cats, though. I really hope we don't have to get rid of Gracie.
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Has anyone looked into allergy meds to prevent the asthma? I take them because cigarette smoke causes my asthma and my husband smokes and I don't want to get rid of him (he's trying to quit but has smoked for over 25 years and is having a hard time with it).

I'm glad you still have your kitties.
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Welcome back! I hope your family can find some other solution other than getting rid of Gracie. There are some fantastic meds out there now, especially Zyrtec. It really does work as well as the commercials say!
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I have really bad allergies and so does my family. I have 6 chinchillas, 3 dogs and getting my new kitten soon... I am allergic to everything possible and have been on every different type of allergy medicine you could possibly think of. I am finally on Zyrtec and Flonase combined. I am doing a million times better!! My pug puppy sleeps right on my head all night, I used to wake up feeling like I was gonna die... and for the last week that i've been on it, I feel wonderful!! My mom and my brother are going to get some for themselves since they see how much better I feel.

Also... you can try Singulair. It just recently got a new indication for allergies, but it originally was an asthma medication.

The only bad thing is Zyrtec makes you drowsey. They suggest taking it at bedtime, which I totally agree with. It is hard for me to wake up, but once I drag myself, I feel like new. I would totally recommed Zyrtec before having to get rid of your pets.

Good Luck!
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I'll put in another vote for Zyrtec. My bf is allergic to cats, and when he comes to visit, he has to deal with my little Spike. He doesn't seem to have any problems while he's visiting as long as he's taking it... which is good, because I'm not giving up my cat.
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