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Kitten just being a kitten or something more?

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July 10th 2008 my dad brought me a little kitten they found in a car at dealership. He was burnt fairly bad but made a great recovery outside some wheezy nose noises I wonder about. Regardless his personality was so mellow and quiet I didnt hear him cry once when he was isolated in the bathroom for two weeks and he slept quietly when he graduated into second room at night for 7 hours because we played like mad for hours before.
The last three or so months though he's become more vocal and abit of a terror. He is destructive at night knocking everything down, tries to get into the garbage no matter how creative I get, chews on his mouse toys enough that he is vomiting up all over from the fur so I just threw those away. I try to do about two hours of play sessions through out the day but alot of times he is so lazy or bored with all different toys I am the only one getting the workout. Outside of the destructive behavior at night he just sleeps by me and basically lives to eat.

I cant figure out if this is typical kitten behavior that will pass or if I am denying him by not having a playmate? How do you tell? I am around alot. He is ten pounds already, way over matched for a newcomer and I just fear finding out he doesn't want one and never getting a moments peace again. I dont think he knows proper interactions with another cat as he likes to use his teeth alot though my yelping has made it better. With kitten season coming up I guess there is no better time for a test run but most folks getting rid or selling cats just want to be done with it.
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If he has been neutered then it is typical kitten behavior although it does seem to be lasting longer than usual. A playmate will definitely help the situation. I got a second kitten three months after my first one and it made a huge difference in my first ones behavior. Since he a good size and real rough and tumble you might want to get an older kitten or young adult rather than a small kitten. If you have rescues or no kill shelters in your area you can probably find a young cat that was part of last years kitten season. They would be about the same age and you wouldn't have to be concerned about a small kitten getting hurt.
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Sounds like normal kitten behaviour to me

They're little rock stars!

If you can comfortably afford and have room to house another cat, a playmate might be ideal - there's usually some work in the introductory period, and they'll probably still make a huge racket when playing together, but at least they will be able to wear each other out a bit - just make sure that the new kitty, if you get one, is also active and will enjoy a lot of play. A quieter cat might be intimidated/annoyed.
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