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Pooping out toilet paper...

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Some of you may have seen my thread in the behaviour forum about Luna going through the bathroom bin.

Well I'd put all the bathroom bin contents into a big thick garbage bag but hadn't taken it out yet, I left it in the bathroom...but Luna figured out how to open the door while I was sleeping and broke through the garbage bag.

Anyways, I noticed she did a poop on the floor instead of the kitty litter which is something she did before when she had eaten the plastic bag and was passing it out.

So I inspected it...
There were chunks of toilet paper in it....and well...um part of a tampon.
Should I be worried? It looks like she's passed everything and she's still eating fine and hasn't thrown up like she did with the plastic bag.

Just the bag incident cost me around $1000 and all the vet did was keep her at the clinic until they believed she'd passed it all (although she didn't actually pass anything at the clinic) so...I don't see the point in taking her...can't really afford to if that's all they'd do...

Why does she eat all these things!
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One word: Don't quite know what to say to that one... Well, for one thing: where is the other part of the tampon?
I think I would call the vet... Can you at least ask them over the phone what to look for, to make sure she is ok?
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I know, it's pretty gross. I was so distraught when I found the mess. It was strange she's never behaved like this in the whole time that I've had her.

Well I found it amongst all the mess she made (there was makeup wipes, cotton buds, toilet paper rolls everywhere) - so I got most of it, I guess she managed to chew off a bit and swallow it tho?

She's not behaving like last time when she was feeling sick from swallowing the plastic bag. Last time when it came time to pass it she was really sad and quiet and not touching her food. Right now she's being very affectionate and playful and eating normal.
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