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Can cats have asthma?? My mom thinks one of our cats (her baby) has asthma, but she is an overweight cat who never goes outside or does anything really lol, so i just assumed it was cause she was out of shape. When you pick her up she acts like its hard to breathe.
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Absolutely they can and do have asthma. Does she cough? There is a very typical asthma cough, it somewhat looks and sounds similar to hairball coughing...
If you suspect she has asthma, please take her to the vet for proper treatment.
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I would see the vet.
I have a 17 year old cat with asthma and she has had it for years.
You can get xrays of the lung.
I also had a another cat with bronchitis.
Your cat could haveheart problems also.
Here is a link of a video of a cat with asthma.
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Asthma is quite common in cats. My Wellington has always had it and Bonaparte has what are almost asthmatic attacks from tim to time, though the vet can't hear anything. The only real way to tell is with an Xray of the bronchial tubes, though if the cat has regular coughing fits with its head down and stretched out, and wheezes at other times, then it could well have it. And watch for the circumstances - different factors bring it out in different cats - cold weather, wet weather, dust, etc. there are various treatments - one of the most common is prednisone, taken in gradually reduced dosages till the condition is under control, then the minimum possible for the rest of its life. Sometimes a young cat will grow out of it, as sometimes an older cat will suddenly develop it. But ask your vet and take the cat for a full examination if you really think it is possible - it is a life-threatening condition and my sister's cat died of it a few years ago.
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i've been told that being overweight is really bad for cat's with asthma. i suggest you use a measuring cup and only feed your cat the proper amount of food each day. i feed my cat a little in the am and the pm. good luck!
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She never coughs, she gets buggers so maybe that is why she seems like she has a hard time breathing. She isnt horribly overweight only like 13-14 pounds I just tease my mom about her. We wont be able to just portion ehr food cause we have 5 cats of all different shapes and sizes, one who weighs like only 8 pounds shes a little one! When she goes to the vet we will have the vet check it out. I just wanted to know if cats could have asthma! Thanks!
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Have you heard any wheezing sounds?
Let us know what the vet says.

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Not really but a few times slightly she weazes. I just remembered she did have a liver problem awhile back but was treated. She lost a lot of weight then but she is back to her normal chunky weight . The breathing issue is usually when she is on her back, which i know is harder for them to breathe anyways.
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