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Increased appetite

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Hi everyone,
I have a 15 year old sweet boy who has suddenly developed a very big appetite. He has lost a little weight but nothing significant but boy is he eating! He will polish off two of the smaller cans of food a day where as before, he was a very moderate eater.

Otherwise he is acting quite normal, playing, very vocal, litter box action seems quite normal

Does this seem normal? Should I schedule a vet visit?
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If it is MORE than normal it could be Hyperthyroid starting ... Please see a vet for a blood test
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Sharky is absolutely correct! A significant increase in appetite, with weight loss, is a classic sign of hyperthyroidism. If you haven't had bloodwork done on your cat lately, it is definitely time for a senior panel. Most vets don't normally test T4 levels, so you will need to ask specifically for it. Be sure to have kidney function tested also, as hyperthyroidism can mask renal failure. Good luck to you and your kitty!

Here's a good lnk about feline hyperthyroidism:

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Another possibility is diabetes. I took Bailey to the vet with the same symptoms you described, certain he had hyperthyroidism, but he is diabetic. I took J.R. in with similar symptoms a month later, fearful he also was diabetic, and found out he has hyperthyroidism!
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