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Somebody stop me!

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Tucson's Humane Society is overstocked with cats. For the month of June, they are offering two-for-one: for $95, one can get two cats, spay-/neutering, microchipping, a carrier and three months pet insurance.

This appeals to both my love of cats and my bargain-hunting instincts. Somebody stop me, before I get more cats!
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How many cats do you already have???????
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Three. I just got Buddy, in April. He was "on sale" at the Humane Society, then.
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STOP!!!!! There did it do any good?
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Ah Come on Cindy...What a great bargain! You get lots of love and the perks of saving 2 little ones from a life of the Shelter. Plus, the other two would LOVE to have more playmates!
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Asking a bunch of cat fanatics to help stop you from adopting another cat? Sounds like someone doesn't really want to be talked out of it.
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Cindy... make sure to send us photos of your new kitties!
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Come on now - how could you pass up a bargain like that!
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Some help, you all are! I may have to rely on Ol' Softy Bill. He will just have to find some way to occupy my time and keep me away from the Humane Society.
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more cats!! more cats!!!
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I have to admit...that is an AWESOME deal. it really is.

there, was that helpful?
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To get - or Not to get - that is the question!
dah!!! To get! to get!!! :kitty5:
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that is a really good deal. And just think how greatful those two kitties will be that you rescued them! Look at me, i went from two cats to 7 inside kitties in a matter of weeks and i love them all
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If there is no conflict such as a husband who objects, and you can take care of two more, financially and time involved(litter boxes, vet visits, etc), then I say go for it. And I hope you own your residence, because to ever move you would have to have permission for that many cats.I know it is hard to take somethings into consideration, my heart would likely rule, and what is more important than saving a life or two? Good luck. Linda
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I mentioned this deal to Bill, last night. His response was, "We have enough cats." IF I were to present him, with a fait accompli, he would not throw the cats out into the street. ME, maybe but never cats.

Since we're still patching things up, I had better not push my luck.
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Ah Heck Cindy - That decision was way too mature, LOL! I would have been tempted, too!

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Opie was listening, as we discussed this and HE doesn't think much of the idea. Opie is of the opinion that we were maxed out, on cats, prior to April, of last year. (That's when we got Rowdy.) At least, its not dogs. More dogs would definitely send Opie into a major snit!
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Cindy, I was playing scrabble on the net one day and someone jokingly said that I was in a snit. Being from Down Under, I had to ask what a snit was. Ever since then, I laugh when I see the word because the person I was playing scrabble with made sure she put the word into every sentence to teach me a lesson. She'd go, "Don't you dare snit my snit. I've told you snit times before that to snit at a snit is very snittish." I never did learn exactly what it meant. is it more like a bad mood, or a tantrum?
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A snit is rather like getting your nose out of joint. It ranks somewhat lower than a hissy or conniption fit.
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It's a really good deal Cindy! I would be tempted, too!

BUT . . . in the interest of working things out with Bill, I must say waiting to get more kitties probably is the best decision, IMO.
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According to today's Parade magazine, June is the ASPCA's Adopt-A-Cat month. If I were to get just one cat, it would be $50. Two-for-$95 is such a bargain, though.
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Get more! Get more!
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what a tough decision. I'd say do what you think is best for you right now. There will ALWAYS be kittys there to rescue!
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