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Hey, back again

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This is my third intro thread I think? Oh dear!

Hey, I'm HG90, last time I was here I was about to set off for the grand old world of university! Unfortunatly, life in it's true manner put a few spanners in the works and I dropped out a month or so ago. Lasted 5 months! In a nut shell, I hated the course, I hated the location of the uni, I hated my flatmates (who were tbh some of the worst people I've ever met. They would ignore me for days on end, get me really drunk, talk about me behind my back but the piece de resistance was getting me very, very drunk in drinking games by making up specific forfeits for me only, then leave me in the centre of town with no money for a cab back when I was wasted and didn't know anyone who was left there. Lovely.)

However whilst I was at uni I started a first aid course, which I really enjoyed, unfortunatly I didn't get a chance to finish it but it's given me a few ideas! I now want to go into healthcare for certain, and would love to be a paramedic, but since it's quite a large and hard career I need to be certain before I go for it so I'm trying to get a job in the local hospital to get some experience Atm though I'm unemployed, which sucks, but means more cat time!

Whilst I'm so glad that I got out of uni when I could, I'm getting so bored being at home alone all day and can't afford to do what I love - Horse riding - as much anymore. I haven't ridden since January and it's driving me crazy! I'm hoping to get a few lessons booked at a local school but it depends on whether my parents are willing to ship me out there again :o I'm considering getting a charity shop job, but tbh I hated retail when I did it last time, so I don't know!

Onto the cat front, I've still got my two furry white buddies, Snowball and Poppet. Snowball is getting increasingly creaky as she goes along, Poppet is still as playful as ever. Can't believe that she's 11 this year, honestly. Snowball is showing her age a little more though, imo.

Anyways, that's me!
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Welcome back!

To quote Kathleen Madigan (comedienne):

"I went to college. What a week THAT was!"

I know a number of paramedics who love the job.
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Nice to have you and your 2 sweeties back with us.
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Welcome back! I hope we get to see more of your two white beauties.
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Hola y bienvenido de nuevo a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome back to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Hi, and welcome back to TCS!
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