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NASCAR- A mans sport?

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Seeing this article made me wonder what you all think about women being in NASCAR. I personally don't have a problem with it as long as they can keep up with the guys, if not then they shouldn't be there.

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Auto racing relies more on quick reflexes and spatial relationships, rather than upper body strength. Its been proven that women's abilities, in this area, are superior. Go for it, girls.
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I agree, if the women can keep up - more power to them.

I'm not a big fan of Shawna Robinson. She tried to make it in Winston Cup last year and quite frankly couldn't keep up. She MADE it about being a woman in the series, not that she just wasn't good enough to make it. In every interview I saw, she came off as pretty close to a femi-nazi. That team, BAM Racing - owned by Ms. Beth Ann Morgenthau - is still going, with a different driver, Ken Schrader, and is doing much better this year. It wasn't about Shawna being a woman, she just wasn't ready for Cup.
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I think they should stay in the stands where they belong!
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Sure why not?
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If the woman is there on merit alone and not for some other reason such as a promotional stunt, then let her drive. But at least be honest with themselves if they don't make it to the final race.
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