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Hmmm maybe I should have followed his advice

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This afternoon after my nieces bridal shower I stopped at the farm to cut some dogwood for a project I am attempting tomorrow.

Neil said to make sure I DON"T DRIVE ONTO THE HAYFIELD!!!

Well why would I listen.

So I started along the fence line which wasn't bad at all but then I saw some standing water so I figured well the field goes a bit higher so I should be okay.

Well maybe for about 100 ft until the truck started bogging down (it was in 4WD)

So I called my nephew and he and his dad came to assist. Not happy with ruts in the hayfield but evidently the key is not to drive slow. My nephew was spinning the tires a bit and I asked my BIL if it would help to push a bit-he didn
t think so but we tried anyhow. The next 20 seconds was like a scene from a movie-I was pushing on the right hand side and my nephew accelerated and spun much mud which yes landed mainly on me!!

He did get it out and back to drier land! We stepped in the ruts as good as we could-I said I would come back and fix them when the field dries a bit more.

I did have a water bottle so I washed the mud off my face but the jeans and sweatshirt-well they are a bit muddy as are the tires, I'm sure the undercarriage and the entire right side of the truck!!

Neil wasn't to upset-just shook his head and I kindly reminded him of when he stuck the tractor (badly) a couple of years ago and had to have the neighbor farmer pull him out!!

Well that was my bit of excitement for the afternoon.
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i did something similar one year @ Christmas.
at my parents' house [here in north texas] we often will drive on the yard if we need to leave & the car is boxed in.
well, one year, when we were visiting relatives in south louisiana, i needed to drive somewhere - & the car was boxed in.
yep, you guessed it - i tried doing what i've done here - car got good & stuck in that thick south louisiana mud [that's why it's a good place to grow rice, after all] & it took about 6-8 of the guys to get it unstuck.
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I did that with my Dad's 4x4 when I was 17 He made me push while he drove it out. I was covered head to toe. I remember my Dad saying people pay a lot of money to put mud on their faces
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