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Hi All!

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I found out about this site when entering a cat picture in a contest. I love taking pictures of my cat babies, especially since I got my digital camera. I got my cats last summer and they are just a little over a year old. I never considered myself a cat person...until I fell in love with Oscar and Lucy. I got them when I was about to buy my house. My friend asked if I would want a kitten when I moved into my house. Her fiance's brother found the litter. So we went and looked at them and I was a goner. I decided that I wanted the one girl kitten. She was black with tan stripes and completely adorable. Then this little runt baby climbed into my lap and fell asleep. I said, "I changed my mind. I want this one instead. He won me over." They suggested that I take both of them. It instantly made perfect sense. Plus the 2 that I had picked were the best buddies out of the litter. That is how I wound up with Lucy and Oscar. They make me laugh all the time with their crazy hijinx. I am so excited that I found a site I can come to with all my little cat questions and talk to other cat people!
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Oscar & Lucy are gorgeous! Welcome to the site! It's really addictive! Hope to get to know you better
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Welcome! You've come to the right place to show off your babies! We love pictures!
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What beautiful little faces! Yes, we all love cat photos, the more the merrier.

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They are sooo cute! And they look so comfy and cozy together. And everyone else is right. WE LOVE CAT PICTURES!
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Hi glad to see you made it! I hope you submitted your photo to Anne! Welcome to a really nice place.
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Welcome to the board! Hope you enjoy your time here.
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Welcome to the site! Oscar and Lucy look so happy together! What gorgeous kitties.
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Welcome to TCS!

Lucy and Oscar are so adorable!!! Hugs and kisses for them!

i love taking pix of my furbabies as well -- on a daily basis... teehee!!

Smiles and cheers!
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Welcome to the board!! Glad to see you made it here
Hope to see you arround!
Greetings SimbaMom!
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