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I saw yellow

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At the birdfeeders, just now. One of my goldfinches had a tuft of yellow showing through his drab, gray winter feathers. It's finally spring.
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Yay!!! I'm hearing spring birds out here - including redwing blackbirds, woodpeckers and cardinals... or maybe the cards are here over the winter, but their red plumage (males) is out now. And they're singing their worky-worky song!
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Mine are busting out with patches of mating plumage, too, Mike!
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We're not that far along yet. The crocuses are blooming, but it's supposed to snow this week.
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I love the goldfinches! One year I bought a three-foot long feeder on eBay and had every goldfinch in town in my backyard.
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They are too cute!
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My favorites are the Cedar Waxwings. I love to watch them line up on a branch and pass the berry down to the end. I haven't seen any yet this year, though. I hope they come soon!
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