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Ali's one week old kits *pic heavy*

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Little black one was nursing, so I didnt get a shot of her. I'll try again later. Enjoy!
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Oh my goodness! Look at those sweet little faces!

I would take the little tabby one in a heartbeat!!!
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Too cute for words- mom is gorgeous too!
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I like the little brown and the red tabby ones
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Oh my goodness!They are all so cute and your pics are awesome!!
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What adorable bits of fluff
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Cute kits. Great shots- what kind of camera do you have?
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Originally Posted by merindah View Post
Cute kits. Great shots- what kind of camera do you have?
hehe..thats what I said...she's a photograher...hehe
They're sooo cute...Congrats Ali...they're getting so big!
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I go back and forth with both of my cameras. For the really close up Macro shots I use my Sony DSC-H3.... and for the other shots I use my Nikon D90. I'm a photographer as a profession, and I swear to you.. .I have MORE cat photos on my PC than I do of people! They are just always here, so it's easy to practice all the time.

Thanks for the compliments guys!
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lil white girl sucking on her paw!!
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zomgosh, sooooo cute!

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Those are amazing photos!! The last one is my favorite
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Thanks guys! I'm really loving shooting this litter. They are always doing something that makes me giggle or say "awwww" .
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My heart just melted at all the cuteness. I love them all, especially the little black/tortie one. That last picture is a framer, for sure.
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That last pic of momma cuddling the little orange baby is too precious for words!

And I suspect that the "white" kittens are going to be pointed. The nose leather is turning dark. At least on one of them. The one who's mewling! Awwww... right on that widdle nosey!!
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OH My Gosh! I gasped when I saw the little ginger guy! He's soooo cute!! They're all so adorable with their eyes open!
Such sweethearts...
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Another pic from today of the lil ginger boy "Sprite"
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AWWW! Thats just ADORABLE!
Cute name! How did you come up with that?
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I love the pic of Momma embracing her baby...that is a pic that needs to be used on the front of Mother's Day cards!!! Just absolutely adorable! I wish I could take pics like that, but I'm afraid I will never...too shaky LOL

Just gorgeous!
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Originally Posted by CuteKittenKat View Post
AWWW! Thats just ADORABLE!
Cute name! How did you come up with that?

Hubby got to name the lil guy... and he LOVES Sprite... and for some reason he called him "lil Sprite" I said.. ya mean Squirt?! I don't know which he meant.. but Lil Sprite has just stuck.

And thanks guys. Ya'll are great.
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Aww, thats so cute and funny. It's like one of my kittens...we hadn't chose names for a couple of weeks, as they were sick and some died, but we'd just been calling one K2, as she was the second kitten born...and like you, it stuck
In the end we called her K2, but spelt it Kaytu.
Hehe, I love sprite too
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I posted 4 threads of my people and outdoor photography in the Cat Lounge. Check them out if you wish. Enjoy!
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I was just looking at some of those pics(Thought some didn't work), and they're amazing!!I love taking pics of kitties!(though mine never turn out nearly as good as yours)
Sooo cute!
Here are some pics of my guys if you want
How are Ali's kitties doing?
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I was taking up a huge amount of space with all them pictures upped... and they were HUGE! I didnt realize they were that big. I am in process of making my own webpage for the business, and I'll just link ya when that's finished. I'll definately check out your pics! Ali's babies are fantastic. All babies have eyes open, and are doing great! We've renamed a few.. and now they all have names..

Black girl ~ Sophia
Tabby girl ~ Tabbers (even tho I think son may change his mind)
Pointed female ~ Libby
Pointed male ~ Blue
Orange tabby male ~ Simba
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Adorable!! Please keep sharing they are gorgeous (the pix and the kits)
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What beautiful babes (and really nice shots, too). I like the one of Sprite and your hand - that's lovely, but my fav has to be momcat snuggling the baby!
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Hehe, I think your son's got an awesome instinct for chosing names
I love Tabbers Gosh, thats my favorite!
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