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Thanks Bill!
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Damned non-elimination rounds!!! Curses!!



After a bitter disappointment, Jon makes harsh, unexpected and potentially damaging remarks toward Kelly, who becomes irate at the sudden hostility.

Massive exhaustion finds Millie & Chuck lost in the confusing wilderness of Malaysia, which will put their relationship to a critical test.

Each unaware the other is going after the same prize, two Teams drive many miles out of the way to go for the Fast Forward. Only one will succeed, while the other faces the prospect of clawing their way back into the Race.

Trailing Teams engage in a desperate, heart-pounding race that stretches all the way to the elimination, where only seconds will separate them.
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Bill - you are better then the TV guide! Thanks. I am getting to really dislike Jon and Kelly - I can't see their engagemnet lasting much longer then the end of the show. I really hope that the clowns win. There are 2 more non elimination rounds coming up, so it should be interesting over the next few weeks.
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Interesting indeed!

That scrawny, red-headed skank and her "fiance" are too alike not to belong together.

On the other hand, after 12 years, Millie & Chuck are getting less and less compatible, it seems. I don't know if she's just trying to "light a fire" under him to get through the race, but its clearly NOT working.

Jon & Al (the clowns) are proving what they're made of and doing it without fighting each other or anyone else. Same with David & Jeff. Those are the two teams that *deserve* to win, which means they probably won't (need I mention Flo & Zach again? UGH!)
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I want the clowns to win as well. Not only are they just really nice guys with manners, but there are funny even when they are under stress! I haven't seen a mean bone in their body and hope I don't.
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Originally posted by billchamb

Jon & Al (the clowns) are proving what they're made of and doing it without fighting each other or anyone else. Same with David & Jeff. Those are the two teams that *deserve* to win, which means they probably won't (need I mention Flo & Zach again? UGH!)
True - I wouldn't mind if the male best friends won, and I even like Chip and Reichen more then Jon and Kelly. I do like Millie and Chuck (but not as a couple). I feel sorry for all of the teasing they are getting.
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Ummm, is this a re-run because I saw what happened a week or so ago and the NFL ladies were gone finally. Maybe we air it faster than you guys, I dunno. The NFL ladies, I would have supported them but they just didn't seem to have enough aggressiveness or gusto to win this thing. The race in India cracked me up I guess because these people never really been to a thirdworld and it was funny to see how everyone reacted and dealt with stuff. The model cracked me up when she got off the train, she said something to the effect of she is never going to get on another train because she has never had her a** pinched so many times. I laughed so hard because this is so true!!! And it's worse when you are like in the capital, like in Dhaka, you'll get pinched, pickpocketed, poked in places you don't want to be poked. Worse than a subtrain in NewYork, that's for sure.
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You may be behind - the models are now gone and there has been a non-elimination round since the NFL wives have left. They are currently in Malaysia
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Yeah, the last week and this week I didn't get to see it, that's good that they are in Malaysia, it is pretty there. I will definitely have to see that one and check my local listings when it'll play here. So the models are gone? sniffle sniffle, they really did their best I thought in India with the fish carrying thing and they weren't so catty with each other or others in that episode. oh well, I do like the 'clowns' though, they are funny. Thanks for the headsup!
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I am very saddened that the clowns came in last and were eliminated last night!

I don't know who to cheer for any longer. I think I will have to pisk who is the least offensive or irritating. I definately don't want Chip and Reichen to win. I don't like Jon and Kelly - they are nasty. I guess that leaves the best friends. They are the best of a bad bunch. Next week is the final episode!
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So............who do you think will win?

I have a feeling that Jon and Kelly pull it off, but I want David and Jeff to win (I like them the best out of the ones remaining).

Just a reminder it is the 2 hour finale on Thursday!
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Here is what will happen!

Thursday, August 21, 8PM ET/PT

See who wins THE AMAZING RACE! It's a gripping race to the finish line as the final three Teams battle it out for the $1 million prize.

Every move may make all the difference between triumph and disaster, including eavesdropping, help from strangers, terminal connections, and security. And that's only at the airports!

When one Team's car spins out on a rainy road, another Team drives past, laughing at their misfortune.

One person decides the most effective way to perform a challenge is buck naked.
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I am going to my family house, we are getting some take out food, and the race is on. We do this with the Survivor finale also.
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I thought it was supposed to be 2 hours? It was only 1 hour! What the heck happened with Dave and Jeff! I have to admit that Chip and Reichen probably were one of the teams that worked the best together (except for the clowns). I am still unhappy they won, but hey at least Kelly and Jon didn't!
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