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The Amazing Race #4

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Adrienne and all other addicts! I didn't want you to forget! Tonight's the big night! 8 o'clock Eastern Time.
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This is the first time I've ever seen one of the episodes. It wasn't bad at all.
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Oh Darn, I wish you would of told me that yesterday then i could of set my vcr. Maybe they will rerun it.
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I am voting for the clowns!! I felt so sorry for that one lady. I have such a fear of heights there is no way I could of walked that wire bridge..She did great I thought! I was amazed at the couple who have been dating for 12 years though- talk about scared of committement, they haven't even been physical according to them.
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The models have to and should have been done for! I've got a great deal more respect for those parents for how they handled themselves.

A great start to a great new season of the only "reality" show worth watching.
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Well! I enjoyed the detour last night - it seemed to be a real challenge. Bill - I agree the models have to go. I also don't like the NFL wives. So far my favourites are the father and son team. I did also like all the teams who tied for 1st, but that Amanda has a potty mouth. I loved when she was falling behind in the hike in the snow and her boyfriend motivated her by saying "Come-on Flo" What a jab at last years winner. Does anyone know if next week's episode is 1.5 hours again?
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I didn't like the "potty mouth" either. I hate it when every fifth word has to be bleeped. What a waste of time. The models can take a hike too. Attitude! I'm not overjoyed with the NFL wives either. They REALLY need the money, don't they? To be fair though, many of the teams in the series have been world travelers. Not many of us can afford that.

Flo? Was she the wife of the crabby, bossy husband we all wanted to bash? Ian! Or was she the crabby wife from the last Amazing Race?

Oh, wasn't it touching to hear the dedication and love the married couple had for each other. Great attitude. They lost, but all they thought about was the welfare of the other and the wonderful experience they'd had. Good for them!

Also, if we're going to keep this thread, I'll change the title to The Amazing Race and the number. Is this number three?
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This is #4!

Flo was the young chick with Zach, who kept whining and wanting to quit.
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I felt really bad for the older air traffic controllers, but I was really happy that they didn't give up...again truly the spirit of friendship between these two.

The NFL wives give me the fear they're (the producers) leaning towards a sort of "celebrity" AR...always a bad move for any show.

And for Millie to threaten that Chuck (the 12 year dating virgins) better propose to her when the race is over or she'll have to re-think they're relationship is just total BS.

And models?! Who needs `em?! Seems like more than a few pampered butts romping around the world.
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Originally posted by billchamb
And models?! Who needs `em?! Seems like more than a few pampered butts romping around the world.
Can't have then breaking any nails now can we!
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I especially loved the comments about "well since we are so young and pretty it will help us get anything we want in this race!" Blech! They are so young and pretty the son calls them the "blonds with the fake boobs!"

I had to laugh at Mike (the generational gap reared it's ugly head last night) Mike is 63 years old, I am slightly younger. LOL Anyway they were talking about the teams and they said that Millie and Chuck were 12 year virgins- and Mike leaned over and said "Hey Mary Anne how cool is that two surgeons are racing this year!" I laughed and told him no, they are virgins- and this horrified look came across his face- he said, they can say that on television? ROTFL! That and more apparently! Shhh don't tell him I shared that, his face would be even redder than it was last night!
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Poor Mike. Plus I think it is easier to believe that they are surgeons instead of virgins!
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Oh, yes, whiny Flo! Thanks for reminding me. I changed the name of the thread to The Amazing Race #4. That's less awkward.
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While most Teams streak down a mountain on a raft, Kelly & Jon slide down on their butts.

Reichen & Chip bully their way to the front of a line and block a door, angering other Teams.

Dave's injury grows worse, threatening his and Steve's confidence.

In a heart-pounding race to the finish, one mistake could make the difference between staying in the Race and elimination.
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Thanks Bill!

I have to tape it tonight as I will be at the home openner of the Brampton Excelsiors Lacrosse season. I will watch the tape when I get home from the hospital tomorrow - it will probably be the 1st thing I do. I hope the models get booted!
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I have digital cable, but I am beginning to know why the famous quote about TV being a vast wasteland. I am so glad it's Thursday. This might be mostly entertainment, but it is SO much more enjoyable that almost anything else, and we get a close up of some of the world's landmarks.

I enjoy the Discover Cnannel and PBS, HGTV, The History Cnannel and TLC, but I find so many repeats on those. Who would think I have only a few favorite programs? TGITH.! It sounds like a great episode tonight.
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If it were up to me, we wouldn't have cable at all. It remains in our household only due to the fact that my son and wife are totally addicted to TV, can't do a thing without it!

There are precious few shows I watch and if I didn't have cable and was unable to watch them, my life wouldn't be ruined. Heck, I'd rather be reading, anyway!

But, yes, TGITh as this is the only "reality" show worth watching because it consistently relies on physical/mental abilities not popularity and back-stabbing and not living in mansions or going on dates that would be impossible for the average couple to pull off.

Sorry, I'll get off my soapbox, now.
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I have never heard of this..what channel does it come on?
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It's on CBS at 8 o'clock, Thursdays in the East. I think you'd enjoy it. Couples travel to famous and sometimes out of the way places around the world to perform challenges. The first couple back to the U.S. gets a million dollars.
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I am proud of myself - I am trying to overcome my "reality TV addiction". I started by not watching Joe Millionare and the Family. Now I am not watching For Love or Money. Actually - for the past 3 nights I have only really watched the news. Instead I have read and played on the computer (now I am addicted to the SIMs). But no matter what I will see the Amazing Race! (And I want the Mole back - non celebrity version)
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I agree with you about the Mole! Not that I need another addiction, but what is SIMs?
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AUGH!!!! I can't believe the models and NFL wives ar still in this!!!

Even though Chris & Amanda weren't one of my favorite teams, I would rather have had to tolerate them than those other four!

Chip & Reichen - what a coupla childlish dirtbags!

Steve & Dave - Hopefully the Fast Forward helps them, but they probably won't be able to maintain the lead. Bummer.

Steve & Josh - Not doing poorly, but could be better.

The Clowns - Didn't see them much...I think they're gonna "sneak up" on everyone as contenders.

How ridiculous was that mask matching Road Block?

How funny was it when Steve & Dave were making fun of the two who didn't have their raft to go down the hill?
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I still want the clowns to win- and for pity's sake, that hanging on to the door handle at the station? Give me a break, why not just lay on the floor and have a stupid tantrum! What is one of the requirements for this race a diploma in immaturity?
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Originally posted by Jeanie G.
I agree with you about the Mole! Not that I need another addiction, but what is SIMs?
The SIMs is a computer game where you create families and help them live their lives, from buying and decorating a house, making friends, falling in love, getting a job and going to the bathroom. It is amazing.

What is with this group of people? Are they all idiots? That roadblock would not have been difficult if they just would have taken their time! I really don't like Chip and Reichen - that was just so childish of them!
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Last week, I really thought that the air traffic controllers were goners. The clowns were so nice to stay and help the girl who had the asthma attack. Do you think the air traffic controllers will be able to stay alive again this week?
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I hope they stay, I like them.
I thought they would be last but you never know, like they said anything can happen. I remember the last one with that(crying Flo) she moaned the whole race(lol) and them ends up winning.
The girl with asthma is a tough one(lol) she keeps going.
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Models and NFL wives need to go!

Can they have a tie elimination?!?!?! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

Wonderful to see the clowns shown genuine human kindness in that situation.

Reichen and Chip...burning too many bridges. Worse than the twin models from last year.

Air traffic controllers have been very fortunate so far. I certainly wouldn't count them out. All they really need, IMO, is one of those "ride 24 hours straight on an un-air conditioned train across Thailand" or something.
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the NFL wives are higher up IMO then the models and the gay married couple. I expected the NFL wives to be afraid of breaking a nail, etc. They have been working away, lately, without complaint. I am suprised the teamed up with the models. First they were with Chip and Reichan becasue, according to them, they were both minorities.
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Yeah! The models are gone. Now it is time for Chip and Reichan to go and the couple that is really mean to Millie and her boyfriend calling them Millie Mole and Werewolf!

Don't they normally have a few rounds that aren't elimination?
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During an emotional meal with the remaining Teams, one Team reveals a secret that moves them to tears.

When Millie & Chuck muscle their way into an airline office to eavesdrop on precious information that Reichen & Chip are receiving, they get a chilly reception as the door is closed on them.

While the other Teams are flying out of India, one Team is grounded after taking the word of a local that there's an ultimately better way to get to their next destination. Will they live to regret this move?

I believe this week will be non-elimination, then another when they're down to three teams in the final episode. IIRC, the last episode is always three teams in the "sprint" to the finish...
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