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My little sister moved out today

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My youngest sister (aged 21) has moved into her own flat with her 20 month old baby and her boyfriend, and it feels strange here at home without her here!

The Housing Department have had her on the waiting list for over a year, and because it was taking so long my mum wrote them a letter saying she was evicting my sister from our home...and two days later she got an assessment for this flat, and they gave her the go ahead to move 3 weeks afterwards.

Today has been manic, and I have spent most of it hiding away upstairs in my room to avoid all the chaos of furniture moving and listening to my sis bark orders to have things done..I know it seems selfish of me to keep out of the way and not help, but she wanted to do most of this by herself to prove she is an independent woman now, and boy! she has done it.

I have to admit, I'm proud of her for even getting this far....I just have some adjusting to do here at home now she has gone, it sure feels strange! We will be visiting her later in the week once she has settled down...
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Big day! I don't blame you for sneaking away.. if they needed your assistance, I'm sure she'd bark one of the orders your way?

I did the same thing the first time my brother moved out. It was definitely an adjustment, but after awhile I realized what an easy adjustment it was. Now he's living with us again and I'm just waiting for that blessed day to come around for the second (and last) time!

Your sister is lucky to have you as her family, so enjoy kicking back & taking it easy! Sounds like you deserve a rest!
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