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URGENT Problem Post Delivery??

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I need to ask a question and see if anyone else has experience this with their mommas they have just given birth. It has been just over 24 hours since one of my momma cats gave birth to 6 kittens. All very tiny but on time. I have notice this morning a strong odor near her kittening box and wasn't sure what it was, it smelled like strong urine. However, moments ago I notice that when she stand up she is peeing and doesn't even know it. Their is urine all in the box with the babies (which I have changed again). I am sure her muscles are weak after the delivery but will this correct itself in a few days are should a emergency vet visit be in order. Quick advice would be appreciated.
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I have not had this problem lele, but wanted first to say congrats on the newborns. She may have some issues with her ability to hold her urine because of muscles being stretched. I would give it another day to see how she is, and if it's not corrected by then, then take her to your vet. Momma may just have weakened pelvic muscles like us humans get after we've had a couple kids.

Do you have any pics by chance? I know you've been working on the urine issue but we're dying to see!!! I know I am

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We had a queen that urinated in her box a few times. She was treated for UTI with Amoxacillin and it stopped.
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I would definately call the vet and ask over the phone if this is normal behavior or if she needs to be seen immediately.

Your vet will understand that you don't want to have to move her unless it's necessary.

I'm especially concerned that she doesn't seem to be aware that it's happening - that definately doesn't sound like normal post-delivery behavior to me.
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Originally Posted by Satai View Post
I would definately call the vet and ask over the phone if this is normal behavior or if she needs to be seen immediately.
Yes, if it is possible, it is surely best to make that call.

If your own vet doesnt answer phone-questions, you can perhaps phone almost any decent experienced vet you can get.

I would think big clinic / animal hospitals have some form of answering help?

They do in Sweden.
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I would call the vet.
I have never seen that happen in any of the cats I saw have kittens.
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I emailed a sphynx breeder I know asking about the problem you have.

I got this reply.
This I have never had happen before,I have heard it can happen and that it can right itself in a couple days.CALL THE VET and ask them. I would take her to the vet.
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I'd call the vet. I'd also change the blanket/towel in the box too - you don't want everything to be smelling like pee (especially on the kittens).

Hope things get back to normal soon.
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This morning she was still having trouble with urination when she stood up. I am changing her bedding every time I go into to check which is a lot. I also found one baby dead. I knew the baby that died was too small and I had been working on him with feeding through a syringe all through the night. I am very sad but she wasn't even aware, I don't think because she still had 5 more babies crying. She is doing the best she can and hopefully the rest will survive. I am taking her to the vet first thing in the morning. Please send good vibes that the remaining babies survive and she recovers from her issues post delivery.
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Prayers she will be ok and the kittens will live.
Sorry you lost a kitten.
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Best wishes for her and the kittens.

Taking her to the vet is the right thing to do.
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Awwww lele, I am so sorry to hear this. I know you must be grief stricken, but keep positive for the other kittens...they need you

I will keep you in my thoughts and I'm sending good vibes to you and the kitties.

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Oh, I hope everything is okay. I'm sorry one of the kittens died

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I finally was able to speak with a new vet yesterday. I found a vet that will actually make house calls and give advice over the phone without making you pay out the wazoooo! He was very nice and he said that he thought because she is a petite cat and she had such a large litter the her symptoms were normal and should get better in a couple of days. Actually she finally has started to improve and this morning, there was no leakage at all. woohhh! I have not posted pics of these babies because I am afraid we will keep losing them. I have one black male I am still very worried about, so we'll see. Once I feel like they are out of the woods I will post pics. Keep sending good vibes I think it is helping.
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I am thinking of doing the "mobile vet" thing myself at some point. It's 100 bux for one cat to get a vaccination at the vet's office, that's not the one that includes the rabies one either.

I am constantly thinking of your kittens and their respective mommas. I know that the loss of any kitten is a huge blow and painful to the heart. You are in my thoughts always.

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Izzy is doing great now, Nursing and being a great momma. We did however, lose another kitten in the early morning hours. I hope this is last one we will lose. Everyone else has fat bellies and seems to be thriving. All of the others have been gaining weight. Hopefully, I can post pics soon.
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Ohh dear!! I am so sorry to hear about the 2nd one. But, I am glad to hear the rest are doing ok and that you are keeping a watchful eye on them as this period unfolds. Ugghh, what a dreadful time. I can't even imagine.
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I am glad she is doing better but sorry she lost another kitten.
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I'm sorry you lost another one. Is it the one your were worried about? RIP little one.
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