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Found this cool site & thought I'd share...

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This site documents cats that live at businesses. You know, those cats you see when you go into a shop?
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I actually emailed my old boss with the link so he can put his cats on it. It is a dive shop, and the resident cat was named "Scuzball"..aka "Roadkill" because he was hit by a car right outside and was nursed back to health and lived there for 8 years. He actually passed away in 2004, but they adopted 2 kittens in his memory named Nemo and Gill. I miss working around a cat. He wasn't the most pleasant cat to be around most of the times (very moody) but that was just his way. My boss actually got me my very first kitten by rescuing him from the boat dock....and I've been the "crazy cat lady" every since".
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What a terrific site. I have come across many shop cats in my time. Some nice -- some NOT so nice.

I've "met" Matilda - house cat at the Algonquin Hotel in NYC. She let me rub her fluffy tummy!

My BF and I were talking JUST talking about going to San Francisco for a vacation and we found a couple of inns/B&Bs in the SF area that have shop cats... Hmmm.....
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my PCP has office cats!
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I was in Alberta last year and saw the calmest cat ever in a book store in Edmonton. It was the first time I saw a cat in a store!
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That's an interesting site. I had to check out my home state.
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Aww, only three listed in Kansas. Mulvane News needs to add Cat.
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