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Hillary Clinton: The Movie

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I'm curious what you folks think of this:

Is "Hillary Clinton: the Movie" a hard hitting documentary or is it a thinly disguised political attack ad?

And is this a direction we want to go as far as disseminating information about poltical candidates?

My opinion is that it does not qualify as a documentary (look who made the thing, it did not come from a journalist). Furthermore, if this becomes a trend on the election scene, it is going to be a war of the movies according to who can put together the most appealing and hyped 90 minute package. I thought this last presidential election was bad enough as far as hype, fact twisting and media manipulation went so if anything I'd like to see it go in the reverse direction.
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I would say it's a political attack ad. All the regular political advertisements are bad enough. We sure don't need anything that goes on and on for 90 minutes.
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From what I read, it is the opinion of the film maker, and he has a right to his opinion and to film it. I don't think it should be shown on TV (even pay-per-view) but as an idenpendant film he should be allowed to show it and make it available.

On thing I'm confused about though...the article keeps says the Supreme Court is against it because it is against "campaign finance laws". Did the republican party pay for the film out of their campaign funds? Is so, that is NOT right...the commercials are bad enough. But, if not then to say he can't make or distribute to whoever is interested is completely against the constitution. As much as I hate some things that are filmed/printed/distributed, these people have a right as long as it isn't pushed down our throats.

The way I look at it, when it comes to politics, there are two view points and I don't see anything wrong with one party only pointing out the negatives because the other's party is obviously only pointing out the positives. Honestly, I never even heard about the movie until this thread so I really don't know what all is included.
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I won't watch it but it's probably along the same lines and not any worse than the dribble that Michael Moore puts out.
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All documentaries are a matter of the writer/directors opinion, and not necessarily fact at all. Even those shown on History are a dramatization and are depicted in such ways to evoke a certain feeling within the viewer. I only have three words on the subject. Freedom of speech. So do I have to agree with it? No. Do I think it should be allowed to be used as campaign smear propaganda? No. Do I have to respect the freedoms of the "artist" [as an independent filmmaker]? I think so.
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Originally Posted by Essayons89 View Post
I won't watch it but it's probably along the same lines and not any worse than the dribble that Michael Moore puts out.
Except that it appears to have gone straight to DVD.
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Hillary would be so offended: the graphics are terrible on that site!
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I would suspect it's a thinly veiled attack ad. But then, so were all of Michael Moore's "documentaries." As someone else said, it's the rare documentary that doesn't have a bias going in.
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