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Magic my foster

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So I've decided to give a try at this fostering thing. Of course my first foster is going to be a difficult one. The guy who cleans the floors at my job found her and brought her to us (emergency vet hospital) hoping we could find her a home. Usually animals that are dropped as strays end up living out their life at my job and being blood donors. I hate that this happens but I do what I can, well Magic is a complete sweetheart and I immediately called my hubby and asked if we could foster her. After some thinking he gave in and said yes....well its been a little tough. She absolutely HATES other animals so shes living in my bathroom and getting tons of love from me and my hubby. Here are her pics, i'm hoping i can find her a nice old lady/man to live out her life with.

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Magic is Beautiful!!!

Bless you for fostering her!!

She looks just like my RB cat named Kitta-Coo.
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Magic is a gorgeous girl. I hope you find the right family for her, and good on you for taking her in.
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Aww... she sure reaches for the love, doesn't she? Such a cutie-pie.. makes my go pitter-patter!

She's so lucky to have good souls to take her in and shower her with love until she finds her furrever home!
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Magic is such a sweetheart!! So great that you took her in! Keeping our fingers crossed for that right person to take her!
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Thank you everybody. She is a tough one to home because of her "special needs" but lets all keep our fingers crossed that the special person comes through.
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I had a foster like her - hated other animals. 9 months of hades for us all - you can search the forums for "Bea" to read about her. She had other issues, was a nightmare, and I can't believe I found her the purr-fect home.
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