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Question of the day Sat Mar 21st?

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My question today pertains to movies

Do you have a favorite movie that you have watched tons of times?

I have a few actually one is called the Runestone and it is a horror flick from the 80's that I have watched dozens of times, and another is the 13th Warrior.
My favorite comedies are Cannonball Run and CaddyShack.
And although I am not big on drama's I have seen Lorenzo's Oil several times.
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I rarely watch a movie a second time, but I have watched "Support Your Local Sheriff" several times. If you're not acquainted with it, it's a kind of spoof western with James Garner and tons of other stars, poking fun at lots of the old western movies.
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I don't usually watch the same movie twice, but I never get tired of serendipity and only you (such a sweet movie).
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there are quite a few u can watch over and over but 1st place is:

Baseket Ball...i must have watched that at least 37 times and never stopped laughing.

some others are:

happy gilmore
party monster
dawn of the dead
catch me if you can
somethings gotta give
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I'm the sci-fi dork here. I have a handful of movies I can watch over and over. The only one I purposely put in my DVD player is Buckaroo Banzai: Across the 8th Dimension.

Others that I'll either put into the DVD player sometimes, or catch on TV, are Ever After, Princess Bride, Down Periscope, Fifth Element, and a classic: Sound of Music.

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Over the years I have watched The Godfather many times. I have watched my tape of The Bridges of Madison County and my CD of Leaving Las Vegas. I will watch movies more then once but never read a book more than one time
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there are lot of movies that I have seen over and over again!......

But some of my favourites are:
-Starwars chapters IV V VI the ORIGINALS! NONE the garbage of now...
-Star trek VI the undiscoverd country
-shakepeare in love!...
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Yes. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. I've seen it more than any movie. Whenever it's on, even if I just happen to be channel surfing and it's on, I'm sucked in and I watch it to the end.

This just happened a couple of weeks ago. I came upon it just before it started, and if I see the beginning, I'm hooked. There went my afternoon!

This is the original - not the expanded version where he goes into the ship, which is interesting, but it has some other elements that were put back in that I didn't think were needed.

I thought the original was perfect.
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Originally Posted by LaRussa View Post
Over the years I have watched The Godfather many times.
I would watch the first 2 in the series all the time, but every time I watch them, something bad happens (ice storm, tornado). To break the curse, I watched all 3 back to back and within a few days, got an infection in my thumb, which I'm still recovering from a year later. I own the DVDs but am afraid to watch them.

I watched The Blues Brothers last night for the umpteeth time. I have the DVD but it came on cable so I watched it.

I can also watch the Lord of the Rings series over and over again.
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Do you have a favorite movie that you have watched tons of times?
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (midnight showings with all the fun involved)
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There are tons of movies that I've seen a bunch of times! It would be easier to list the movies I've only seen once.

Some of the top ones, though:

Raising Arizona
Boogie Nights
First Knight
Sense and Sensibility
Groundhog Day
Any of the Harry Potter movies

And oh so many more
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I can watch The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Gladiator over & over and never tire of them.
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Omg, the first movie I thought about was "Gone With The Wind". I've read the book at least 7 times and watched the idea how many times, but I can tell you I can recite almost every word, and practiced Scarlette's (Vivian Leigh's) facial expressions in the mirror. What can I say, I was obsessed with Rhett Butler. (Hey, I was 12-14 at the times, but the love lives on.)

Other than that...naming them off the top of my head:

Pretty Woman
When Harry Met Sally
Cast Away
It's a wonderful Life
ANY Disney movie

Too many to remember!
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Ohh I have a lot of fave movies!

American Outlaw
A Kinght's Tale
any of the Pirates of the Carribean
Any of the lord of the rings movies
Harry Potter movies
Pride And Prejudice
Being Jane
Ever After

I could go on! I hardly get to watch any of my faves now.
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I'm not usually a repeat movie watcher, heck, I can't even get myself to watch them the first time but I did watch Beetlejuice probably a dozen times because it was always on when I got home from school when I was 13 or so. Haven't watched it since though
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Yes and no. But it says a lot if I actually make the effort to buy the dvd as I rarely watch anything more than once.

DVDs I've actually looked for and bought:
Event Horizon (I have watched this one several times, I wish I had it in blu-ray)
Dr. Strangelove
Altered States

We have others around here, but I'm not keen on sitting through them again.
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Phantom of the Opera (yes, the one with Gerard Butler )
Star Trek (any of them)
Sound of Music (and sing every song)

and most recently, Wall-E.

More, but can't think of them at the present.
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I don't watch movies over and over.. except for 'Pride & Prejudice'! The 5+ hour version. 'Closely Watched Trains' also.
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Homeward bound (both of them), Bingo, and Lassie. oh yeah and six days and seven nights.
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Dirty Dancing
How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days
The Notebook
Meet the Fockers
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I try not to watch movies more then once either but I can watch 40 year old virgin, meet the parents and meet the fockers time and time again
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Oh, I just remembered another I watch repeatedly. I love Tombstone (Kurt Russell and Val KIlmer). There's one line in that movie that my husband uses to describe me when I get really ticked off about something --'You tell 'em I'm comin', and hell's comin' with me!" Strangely enough, if you find a picture of Wyatt Earp he & Kurt Russell look a whole lot alike
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The Shawshank Redemption
Meet the Parents
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
The Big Lebowski (gets better with every watch!)
Dirty Dancing
Gone With the Wind
Happy Gilmore
So I Married an Axe Murderer
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When I was a teenager, my best friend and I watched 'Aliens' every time he came over. I think we watched it ~40 times that summer and could pretty much recite the whole thing.

I've watched the original Star Wars trilogy dozens of times (like Coolcat, not the 'improved' versions they're showing now.)

I watched Star Trek II and IV a bunch (there's that weird even-odd thing with them).

I probably watched A Knight's Tale 10 times back when I had HBO.

More recently, I've watched Serenity 4-5 times, and Office Space probably 6-8.

I tend to be weird with repeating movies. I'll have the DVD sitting on my shelf and have no interest in watching it, but it will come on cable and I'll sit through the whole thing (commercials and all).
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