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Saturday!! What are your Plans?

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Morning All!!!

Cloudy and chilly here today, looks like we are in for some snow

Going over to my brothers after lunch for awhile, they are in the middle of lambing season right now so I want to go take a look at the new arrivals.

Thinking take-out for dinner tonight, and then maybe just grab a movie for home. Not sure which one yet I will have to decide once I get to the video store.

The kitties are window watching this morning.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning all!

I am heading out shopping with my bridesmaids for some wedding stuff today..should be fun

I am going to make some dinner tonight. Veggie curry with rice

Not much else happening today, but it is beautiful out so I might go for a run!
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Going to install a new hard drive and DVD writer in my new computer. Dottie and a friend are going to wash the venetian blinds, which we have up on every window. I'm going to try to say out of the way!
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Going to go see/adopt a kitty!
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DH has to go to hospital today for an emergency cat scan, and that's about the only plans we have so far apart from getting groceries and some new food for Wiggies.
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Working 8-12, then grocery shopping. I despise grocery shopping so it will be quick. Maybe picking up some new food for the kitties. Need to work out and clean the apartment and watch some more of Greek on DVD. That's about all the plans I have for the rest of the day.
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I got the weekend off. Today I have to put away laundry. I'm also going to watch Twilight. I stood in line at Wal Mart for over an hour last night to get a copy when they started selling them at 12:01am. Thankfully, I was one of the first 20 people since there was at least 300 people in line.
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Our poor dog Lola has a really bad digestive problem right now. Besides cooking her boiled chicken and rice to calm it down, I get to shampoo the carpets. I wish it were warmer so I could open the windows. We've got candles burning to cover the smell.
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
DH has to go to hospital today for an emergency cat scan, and that's about the only plans we have so far apart from getting groceries and some new food for Wiggies.
For Dh

I am still sick not a lot going on here. It is -3 C we had freezing rain last night.
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Good Morning everyone!! Well it is still 11:30am .I have to work from 12- 8:30pm maybe longer who knows. :::Sighs::: I already took care of Joe my horse this morning, fed the cats some can food, and now i want a nap!. I have homework that needs to be done ( i was supposed to work on it but instead i am on here!) My cousin is going to be in town so hopefully i will get to see her tomorrow since i am getting off so late . Please pray i make good tip money and i dont fall over from exhaustion!

I hope all is well for DH!
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Happy Saturday! Cloudy here in Sunny California, but that's a-ok. I appreciate the variety. In about a half hour my BF and I are going to be stationed at our PCs using our Googling power to help 2 friends get through The Great Urban Race in LA, kinda like a scavenger hunt thing. Sounds like a cool event. I hope we can help them find things!! After the race I think we're just having a quiet day together, BF has to fly to Miami tomorrow for work for the week. Again.

Have a great first weekend of Spring everyone!!
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It's my brother's birthday today! If he ever gets off of his computer , I was hoping we could all go for lunch or something. So we'll see!

Originally Posted by Forensic View Post
Going to go see/adopt a kitty!
What fun!! Have you already picked the lucky kit out & going to pick it up? Or are you hoping to find 'the one' today?
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