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Gotta find a B-day present

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I have to go shopping today for a birthday present for my G/F's mom. UGH.

I think the best present I could give her is to not show up to her party
tomorrow. Or better yet, throw myself in front of a moving bus.

Seriously, I do not understand the contempt this woman (and to a lesser
extent, her husband) have for me. I have always treated her with respect,
even when my brain is screaming at me to tell her off.

Ok, I had ONE minor slip, but only after she had been treating me like
garbage all day. Usually when she gets like that I either make myself
scarce or go to my 'happy place', but she had been making snide little
comments all day and I got fed up and snapped back. Since then,
she just tends to ignore me until she is forced to acknowledge my presence.

So... what do I get this witch? A new cauldron perhaps?

This is a chance to either score some much-needed points or crank up
the mutual disgust factor a couple of notches (yes, I know - wrong reason
to get a present for someone. ) It can't be anything too expensive, or too
cheap, or too personal, or too impersonal, or..... Gift cards are
out, BTW; they are 'vulgar' in her opinion.

I do have an idea, I saw something in the little antique shop in town a few
weeks ago. Gotta run it past the G/F first, though.

Anyone else have these kind of issues with their SO's family?
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i understand-I don't even know my future inlaws cause they are from pakistan(came to us in 94) and old fashioned that paks marry paks or at very least a muslim...I am a white chick. No gift suggestion but just my sympathy and the best of luck
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Why get her anything if she is such a hag? It would be rewarding her behaviour. I would get her a card, and just sign your name in it..
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Find out what her favorite flowers are and get her a bouquet of them! Women love flowers, and the best part...they die eventually!

Otherwise, why don't you and your GF do a combined present?

Those are my only thoughts.
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That is a hard one! Good luck.
Does she like animals? (thinking maybe a picture of her favorite animal blown up and put on an afghan throw or made a portrait out of
Does she like any bands (thinking concert tickets) or sports teams (tix)
I don't know but
I am even more thankful my mother in law is great when it comes to stuff like this.
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