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Newborns & Flu

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I said in another thread how I have 3 newborn kittens from one of my cats. I'm not sure if I'm being paranoid but I'm freaking a bit about one of the kittens.

Momma cat is from a long line of cat flu sufferers. She's never really showed symptoms like some of the others - some are carriers, some are chronic, all got it from their grandmother/great grand mother whom was a rescue cat and had it before I could get her vaccinated and passed it through birth/raising and so on.

Momma cat has been sniffling the last few days & sneezing. She's generally fine other than a few sniffles, isn't off her food and her eyes are clear. However, the strongest of the babies, the first-born is now sniffling and sneezing. The baby is only a week or so old.

Is it always fatal to baby cats when they get cat flu this young? or can they fight it off, and are there realistically any treatments for newborns if I take it to the vet, other than making sure it stays hydrated & warm?

Momma cat is doing a fab job, and I think the big fat baby can survive it, but Momma cat has a third, much smaller baby, who is warmer to the touch than the rest, isn't the fastest of the bunch, doesn't cry as much as them and doesn't seem to eat as much - whereas the others have fat tummies, this one has a fat tummy but is fragile to the touch, ie thinner, and I'm worried that baby will get it and that it won't be strong enough.

Any advice?
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If you think it's URI, call your vet...our mommy got that when she had her kittens, and once they caught it 5 of 8 died, no matter how big or healthy they were. Did she have it before they were born? If she did, the babies may not have gotten the milk amunities...
Sorry if I sound to jumpy, but I just wouldn't want you to lose your babies...
And beware if they stop eating!
Good luck..I hope they're ok!
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