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A new cat to my yard??

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So this is the third time we have seen this cat this week. Only in the evening hours.

Bakker was sitting in a window tonite which is very unusual for him so I walked over the the "new" cat was staring in the window. He (I'm thinking male) ducked a bit but came right back. So after a few minutes I decided to put some food in a dish and water and put by back service door. When I opened the door this cat wasn't all that far away and didn't run. I called and it answered then came running!! Though it would continue into garage but it didn't. Ate a little food not much though. So I couldn't get a good look. But it looks in pretty good shape. No nearby neighbor's with cats as far as I know.

so...... I'll continue feeding and see if I see it all in the daytime. If it comes around more I'll see how it behaves and ponder catching to take to vet. After the last stray (5 yrs ago) that ended up FeLV positive I'm not going to risk my cats exposure. Plus evil neighbor still has his guns put away but that still is a concern.
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An update ready!!

I went back downstairs and he was by the window Bakker was sitting in so I opened the garage door and with little coaxing he came in! Was doing the prancing thing with his feet and rubbing all over my legs. Many burrs in his tail esp at the tip. Feels a little thin not too bad though. So I secretly filled a spare litter box but now I can't find him in the garage-its not like we have lots of stuff in there either. Bakker and Bobs are sure interested in going into the garage though. So I might try to sneak open the door and look before going to bed.
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Good luck.

I've been feeding a cat on my front porch for about 6 weeks now and I'm awaiting a voucher from a local group so that I can perhaps get it spayed or neutered. Just this week it has shown improvement on not being so scared and I told Hubby I get the distinct feeling that if brought inside and kept in a room it would quickly warm up to humans--he is against any thoughts of bringing it inside this house for any warming up process....

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Funny....I've speutered most of the local "wanderers" - who no longer wander to my place (they know their nuts go if they come here! ). I had a newbie show up tonight - black/white tuxedo.
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Well I think Neil put him out of the garage after I went to bed-grrr.....

But I noticed that the litter box was used and he must have sat on the cat as I saw bits of fur and burrs scattered on the hood and trunk!

And the distinct odor of cat spray.

Well I'll see if he comes back tonite.
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Sounds like with a neuter and some love he'll be a sweetie. If you can't adopt him yourself, maybe foster him after the neuter and the vet check and work on finding a home for him?

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Well after being MIA for several days he popped up last night and has been in the garage.

Very lovng-his tail was full of burrs and I pulled most out. I'm thinking he might have worms as his belly feels round but overall not really skinny. He eats well-haven't seen the litter box used but I moved it to a better spot in the garage.

But I think he also has a tail injury as he cannot lift it-it angles a bit to the right and a couple of times I touched it by the base and he snaps his head around so I very quickly back off. It doesn't effect his walking though. He needs a bath too.

So Neil wants me to call area shelters to see if this is a local lost cat. He wants to come in the house badly! I sit out on the bench in the garage and he is all over me-rubbing and kneading!

So now I have to figure out how to back the truck out without him getting out-I think I'll carry him down to the bathroom in the basement-back out and close the door (all in heavy rain) and put him back in and reverse this action when I come home.
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