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RIP bobcat

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On US 287, just east of Corsicana, TX, I saw a bobcat killed by the road. There was no shoulder there, or I would have stopped and at least moved him farther away from the road.

Bobcats are fairly common in Texas, but I don't see them as roadkill very often. Poor babies; they are not equipped to deal with the modern world.
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How sad - my father's ancestors held bobcats & cougars in the same esteem as humans and that it was very bad to kill one. I'm not sure if it is superstition about our loved ones' spirits being in them, or just because they also say that if the bobcats & cougars aren't thriving, then the land will starve the humans also.
I do hope that it wasn't a mama-bobcat; our little ones are usu. born in March.
I love bobcats I easily forgave the bobcat who slaughtered my chickens - it was the easiest passing a chicken could hope for - necks quietly broken as they slept - not a single squawk or my cats would've aroused me and the others would have scattered. (For that, I hold the builders of the coop responsible )
Play happily over RB, little Bobcat - you were a gift to this earth
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R.I.P Bob Cat
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RIP Beautiful Bobcat
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Rest in Peace Bobcat.
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Poor baby RIP muffin

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Thats so sad for that little bobcat. Rest In Peace
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Rest in Peace, beautiful wild one
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