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My poor baby! I'm getting so frustrated!!!!!

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OK, so last night I noticed Luna had a little scabby spot on her chest. After freaking out big time and taking her to the vet during my lunch hour today, the vet said it isn't ringworm and they think it's just a little scrape and that she should be fine.

So, anyway, I got home from work tonight and she has a little red spot on the almost-hairless area that cats have right in front of their ears. And I started looking at it and then noticed that way down in her ears is this brown stuff, almost black. I never noticed it before because on the outside and immediately inside of her ears is clean. It's only further down that it's like that.

So, then I started really pushing back all of her fur and looking at every little spot on her skin and she has a scaly patch under one of her front legs, like in her armpit! I don't know what to do! I'm crying because I'm so upset. I have so much to do at work tomorrow, so I don't know if I can take an extended lunch break again to bring her BACK AGAIN tomorrow! I feel so bad for her, too! She seems very happy and unconcerned about it all, but I can't imagine that she doesn't feel it. What could be wrong with her???? I'm so freaked out! I'm so sad that all this is happening right now! Aaah! What can I do?
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awwww i sure hope you baby is okay and feeling better soon. Are there are there any vets around you with evening hours?
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What color is a cat's ear wax, normally? Her ears aren't gritty, really, just waxy, and the wax is brown.
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moemoe always has brown ear wax. If it looks like coffee grains it might be ear mights. But if it is just brown waxy i think it is normal ear wax.
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As big as a coffee bean?
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no, like the little coffee grounds you put in the filter. Kinda like maxell house already ground coffee. but finer.
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One ear mite is invisible to the human eye, if it's ear mites then your seeing a gang of them. Ear mites is easily treatable. I'm sure it's just ear wax, get a Q-tip(cotton bud) and just scoop all the Icky! stuff out, Poor Luna , I hope she feels better soon .. She sounds alright, You might just be being overprotective ( Your a good fur mummy BTW)

Ear wax can be from the color of Yellow
to the color of Black

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Actually the Q-Tips are not recommended...try a gauze pad that is moistened with baby oil and gently wipe it off. Don't go too deep though...you can actually shove the mites & wax deeper.
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Aww Alright, but that's what we are given over here Maybe there's different rules over there

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You might consider calling the vet on the phone and telling him you still have some questions and concerns about Luna.
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Good thinking Lorie! Probably the easiest solution
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Since this is health related, I'm going to move it to the Health forum for you.
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It's probably ear wax. All my cats have had dark brown to black ear wax. The vet may clean it out with a dampened cotton swab, but they told me to just use a dampened cotten ball. Some cats are more productive in the ear wax area than others.

As for the red spot, is it a spot or a bump? Tailer has a little red discoloration in that area, but there's nothing wrong. FYI--cat's can get pimples, but let a vet extract them.

As for the scaly patch, it may just need to be brushed or it could be an old scab. The others will know if it's serious. I've never experienced it being serious, though.

You're worrying because you're a new Mommy and that's normal.
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If what you see is dark and brown, you are seeing dried blood and your cat probably has ear mites. If you take a roll of cotton and tear of a chunk and dip it in warm water, wring it out REALLY WELL and roll it gently in the ear, you should pull out most of it. The vet can give you ear mite medicine to put in the cat's ear twice a day.

About the scabbies on her, the best thing to do is have the vet take a skin scraping and look at it under a microscope to determine what it is.
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