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Anyone in the New York area available to help out a little girl and a kitten

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Hey guys, I just got an email from a little girl who has found a kitten and doesn't quite know how to care for it. It sounds very young. She has to go to school and she can't find anyone who wants this poor kitty. She wants me, but that's about the gist of it. I realize that New York is a big place, and all I know is she lives in New York, so she could be anywhere, but if you can help that would be great.

Give me a shout via PM or email if you think you can help her out?
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momof10 cats is in PA that is pretty close to NY. I know she is worse then me when it comes to helping cats in need
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Hey Val, I find enough cats on my own!

I am about 2 hours away from Manhattan. I wish I knew someone in Northern NJ or NY City that I could call for you!
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I just heard from this little girl again, she really needs help- she is in Woodside Queens- can anyone lend a hand?
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Bump can anyone help this little girl?
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MaryAnn, I wish we could. We just found out this afternoon that Tillie, our latest rescue, needs 4 teeth extracted. We're at our limit unless we hit the lottery.
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Ok thanks- I wish I lived closer so I could rescue this kitten, this girl sounds like she could use the help.
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I wish I knew someone in the area. My mom is in NJ but I wouldn't wish her on any pet.
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I would like to help her but there are so many kitties at my hubbies work they are keeping us full i sure hope that she can find a home for the baby Just wondering what color is it and how old? I'll have hubby ask around work and see if there is anyone good willing to take another kitty.
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This board is great- a kitty guardian angel or actually (angels) have come to the rescue! Am trying to get with this little girl via email now, and have her parents transport the kitty to an ER clinic where those who wish to stay anonymous will foot the bill and find a home for it, if it is healthy........
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Yay! That's great news, MA! I'm so glad for that kitty! Whoever is taking care of her are absolute 's!
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I love happy endings.
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Update on Kitty- it is a girl, very malnourished and apparently filthy dirty when it was turned in. It is a little Tuxedo kitty- but it tested negative for all the kitty diseases, and just needs a good home with lots of TLC! Anyone willing to take on a 4 week old kitty and get her out of a boarding situation right now at the vet's office, please email me at maryanne@thecatsite.com

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Hope the little furbaby finds a good home soon, Mary Anne!! Ooh...

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I contacted no-kill shelters in the area, to see if there was anyone who could help, but they're full (and just like typical New Yorkers, were MEAN!)

I've written a note to the woman who runs the Cat Chalet (she boarded some of our feral kittens this winter while we found homes for them). I received an e-mail from her just a couple of days ago... she had someone who was looking for a kitten. I so hope that person hasn't already adopted one yet! The Cat Chalet is only open for an hour today, so I doubt she'll see my note until tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed!!!! Maybe we can find this kitty a home!
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Oh Laurie that is great news! I will hope so too!
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For those of you who were following this story, just wanted to provide a quick update.

Gary and I have found someone to FOSTER the kitty. Still have to find her a furrever home. But the wonderful family who runs www.thecatchalet.com is going to take on the project of fostering this litte one! Susan, the one who runs The Cat Chalet, is in the process of becoming a mommy herself for the first time , but her mom, hubby and staff will help out with the little kitty.

I've had a snuggle kitty sent to her (it should be there tomorrow ), and tomorrow night Gary and I will stay late in NYC and have www.petride.com pick up the kitten from the hospital (it's only open at night), deliver it to us, and we'll drive her out to Susan's.

Only one thing left to do....find her a home!

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Imagine that a little girl in Queens, an artist in Oregon, and a Financial whiz kid in New Jersey could come together to rescue a starving kitten. It warms my heart!
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You guys are terrific! I'm so glad the little kitten has someone to look after her until she has a furrever home.
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awwww that is so wonderful!! Hopefully i will be able to help next time!
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Just a quick synopsis of what happened here with this story.

I get emails all the time from people who are either having problems with cats or need rescue to happen. They find my email on this website or meowhoo.

I got this email a few days ago that simply said:

I found a kitten, please help I don't know what to do with it!

Immediately my warning flag was up, knowing this was probably a young kid, and I wrote right away giving links and asking for details. Over time- the emails were short and hard to read (spelling) the details emerged.

The girl's brother was in the park and found the kitten and brought it home. She thought it was a month old, but didn't know how to care for it. Instead of readig the links provided she just kept asking me what to do. One of her emails said she just couldn't do it all, had to go to school, the kitten wasn't being fed enough- so I started asking her where she lived....silence.....I wrote back explaining I did not need her exact address to help her, but a town, city, anything would be helpful. Told her I know about the wierdos on the internet, and sent her to my homepage to *see* what I am about. She finally told me where she was, so I started networking with the people I know that rescue. I posted on the board about her and got a quick private PM from someone who said they don't want their name out there, but they would be willing to pay the vet bill- but that is all they could do.

Cool! So I wrote the girl back asked her to find the closest vet and get back with me, problem was in was Saturday night and the closest vet was closed. Then an ER clinic was located- but the mother wouldn't take the girl or the kitten to the clinic at night. Enter another guardian who said she would find transport and did!

So now the kitten was at the clinic, the vet bill was covered and now the kitten needs a home! Laurie found it a foster home THANK YOU LAURIE and I am sure we are not out of miracles yet, I bet a permanent home is waiting for this kitten, maybe with someone who is reading this post!
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Awww that's so sweet . Like all I happy endings,You guys are all wonderful . .. My family has only ever adopted one rescue kitty and it's a wonderful tale :
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The kitty arrived at her foster home!!!!

I didn't end up going into the city with Gary today, and I guess I'm glad... he said she looked "exactly like a little Shelly" (His kitty, Sheldon). I was pretty sure he was going to end up coming home with her... but when the Vet told him the kitty has to be fed every four hours, that was the motivation he needed to actually leave her with her foster family, LOL!

So she's safe, she's warm, she's healthy, and she's being fed formula. She's in the care of people who know how to take care of her...and hopefully the snuggle kitty we ordered for her will show up tomorrow!

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...and I didn't think about it ... but this thread belongs in the S.O.S. forum!!!!!

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Now it does, that's for sure! Thanks to all who helped get this kitty out of harm's way!
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Well, the kitty's foster mom called to let us know that the kitten has been trembling and shaking, pretty much constantly. We were supposed to pick up the kitty yesterday to take her to the vet, but were unable to do so. We went today.

She is still SO tiny!!!! The vet saw her - but she wasn't trembling then! She'd snuggled into Gary's shirt for the 40 minute drive to the Vet's (we did have a crate, but she really took to him, and he couldn't put her down ).

Our vet believes she is AT MOST 6 weeks old. She's been in "our" care for 3 1/2 weeks now, so she was maybe 3 weeks old when she was taken to the first hospital. The vet thinks it far more likely that she was just 2 weeks old.

Anyway, they're going to continue bottle feeding her at times, although she's already eating wet and dry food. They want to keep her for a few days for observation. Thankfully all the women who work there are cat-crazy, and every time our vet has kittens, they always bring them out to let them romp around the reception desk all day. They get lots of love and attention.

I'm sick at heart that we can't foster her ourselves. I really think she needs to be around other cats. But with four in our small space, it would really just be too much.

But she is so cute!!! I'm sorry I didn't take pics. I have to download all that are already on the digital camera. I will in a few days - next time we see her. We need to find her a furrever home now, though the vet is often good at placing kittens.

We'll see what happens. She is absolutely darling. Gary named her Mae today. ...after Mae West, who in all her pictures is a confident, self-made woman who is a fighter and survivor. Let's hope little Mae lives up to her name!!!! I can't "talk" about her without tears welling up... I so badly want to bring her here... I bet Spooky would be a great pseudo-mom (no milk though...). She's always giving Lazlo or Shelly a bath, and little Mae needs kitty love! But Tuxedo and Shelly probably wouldn't handle her being her very well, and as Gary puts it, our responsibility is first and foremost to this gang. I know in my heart he's right, but my heart is torn apart by this. She is SO CUTE!!!!!!
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Oh Laurie, I know she would thrive under your care and Gary's love. I will think good positive Mae thoughts so she can find someplace to finally call her home and stop moving so much. Thank you again for what you have done and did for this little one.
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Well - there's good news and there's bad news.

... but I just remembered we'd started a thread in the Cat Lounge for board magic for the little girl, so I'm going to go post the update (and pics) there. Here's a link:

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