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Question of the Day - March 20th Friday

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This isn't going to be our normal question of the day.

Take this time to share who or what is important to in your life.

I am so grateful for my husband and my boys. They allow me to be the crazy cat lady that I am. They stand up for me when it comes to other
family members telling me I'm crazy.

I am so very lucky to have each and every one of my cats in my life and I couldn't live without them.
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What is very important to me is that I am still alive and kicking as I am a cancer survivor. I thank God every day and I thank my oncologist for giving me the cocktails that rid me of that disease.

I thank goodness for my family especially my older sister who was always there when I needed her not just when I was sick but all of my life, she is my second mother.

I am also thankful that my first kitty Misty lived a long happy life with me, she lived for almost 16 years and I miss her still. I now have Autumn and we are still getting to know each other.

As long as you can love and be loved, we are one lucky people.
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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
Take this time to share who or what is important to in your life.
a wonderful sugestion...

Nothing material, Just my Wife, my Cats & my parents......
thanks to God they are alive
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I'm thankful for my two wonderful healthy cats, my amazing boyfriend who puts up with me even when he shouldn't and my family. I only wish my family were closer so I could see them more than once a year or so.
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I'm most thankful for my husband.
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I am very thankful to my wonderful parents who have never judged me and have always supported and encouraged me in whatever I wanted to do.

I am thankful for my friends who let me be a crazy cat lady without thinking I'm too crazy

and, I'm thankful for my gorgeous kitties and their unconditional love
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I am thankful for my husband of almost 30 years. My children fur and human. I am also very thankful for my brother and sisters
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My cats, family and friends
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God it the most important person in my life

Second is hubby, whom without God's hand in it, I would not have the most wonderful man on this earth by my side
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That my husband is in remission from Leukemia.
You never know when it will come back.
I am thankful my Dad did not die when he had a heart attack.
He have died if I had not called 911 that. night.
That Coco is 17 which all her health problems.
My Grandparents for adopting my mom even though they died years ago.
The treated my mom as their own daughter even know they adopted her and we were treated very well by them.
You could not ask for better grandparents.
That I did not die from asthma when I could not breathe at all and had a collapsed lung and pneumonia.
I am thank full for the people that were there for me when my cats died.
I am thank ful for my cats.
I will do anything for my cats not matter the cost.
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First and most important is my fiance. Through high school and the first two years of college, I never thought I'd find someone for me. I was always the quiet one, who never had a lot of friends, let alone any guy who was interested in me. He's definitely shown me what love is, and I love him with all my heart

Other most important are my kitties, of course, and my family. We're scattered throughout New England, so I wish we could see each other more. I always make sure I enjoy every moment I see all my family together.
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My family, close friends, my boyfriend and of course the furbabies
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im very thankful for the amazing BF i have and he shares my love of cats.
im very thankful my moms lupus is kinda in remission
""""" """" """""""""" my dads still in good health
"""""""""""""""""""'''for all the wonderful friends i have in my life
""""""""""""""""""""""and for all my wonderful loving cats
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My cats and dogs and my family (parents and my older brother)
and the shelter animals where I volunteer are very important to me also. Of course my friends, too.
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Im greatful for my cats, Pooh Bear and Junebug especially because they make me feel loved. They appreciate me for who I am. Joe my horse (altho he has been very very bad lately....little bugger!) in a way when i ride him it relieves all the pain and unhappiness of my life and family. My cats and horse are my only "real" family. besides my grandparents who i am also extremely greatful to have. Without my animals I would be nothing
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My Mother is a very special person in my life and I am so very Thankful for her, my nieces and nephews, who I adore, my cats and dog that are just everything to me, my family and always my dear friends.

Also, my Grandma who passed away March of 07. I miss her so very very much, but I am so thankful for having her in my life for so many years, she was a very special Grandma

And Babygirl who made me fall in love with cats
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I missed this thread before - I'm so thankful for my beautiful cats and doggy, my lovely family and friends and my work place!
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I have to definitely say my wonderful husband tops the list. He supports me and my cat addiction (even if he will only let me have 2 ) I never in my life thought I would find someone like him. Also my kitties, and my family for sure.
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