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Daily thread TGIF March 20th!

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It going to be another mild one today...0 degrees!

I am just heading to work and then Josh and I are spending time together tonight watching movies and stuff.

Lots of plans for the weekend...as per the usual.

Have a great day folks!
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I came in to work early (7:30) this morning for a change. It's nice some days to get in before most people and then have time to sit quietly and collect my thoughts. The getting up early isn't so nice though, which is why I don't do this every day. I'll probably go out for lunch in town somewhere. I am a little behind on my hours this week, so I'll probably stay until about 5:30 or 6 and then head to the gym. Then home for a quiet night with a book and my kitties.
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Its sunny but cooler than in the past several days (19F) with a high of 32F.

Heading out shortly to a wholesale cut flower grower about 30 miles away to purchase some willow for never attempted spring containers for a client. I have some ideas of what I would like to do with them-don't know if they will work though.

Then have to find to head back to stop at a grocery store for ingredients to make some bars for my nieces bridal shower tomorrow.

Depending on time I would like to visit some furniture stores to look for a replacement dresser for the bedroom.

Then more and more basketball on TV tonite and for the rest of the weekend. Might rent a couple of movies.

Bobs was out briefly this morning however they are all napping now.

Have a good day...
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Morning All!!!

Sunny but much cooler here today I hate when we get a few days of warmer temperatures then it gets cold again..Oh well winter is almost done or at least I hope it is

Have a few chores to finish up today. A couple loads of laundry, dusting and I should vacuum as well. The kids are really shedding.

After lunch I have to drop off a couple library books and stop by Walmart, I was looking at the flyer this morning and there are a couple of sale items I should stock up on. Also to the pet-store, tomorrow is Linus's gotchas day so I should pick up some special treats for him.

Just TV or puttering at the computer this evening.

The kitties are all napping right now, they were tearing around the house like banshee's earlier, Sassy included so I guess they wore themselves out.

Everyone have a great day
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It is cloudy and damp here today but it is the first day of Spring. Everyone enjoy your weekend.
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Happy Spring everyone!!

TGIF indeed. Been a long week and I am very much looking forward to spending some quality time with my boyfriend tonight and tomorrow, since he has to go to Florida for work Sunday-Thursday. He was there all last week too and this week a coworker was in town so it's been chaos this week... I miss my Darren! At least now I have my little Genever to keep me company when he's away..
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