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Sentence for a Cat skinner

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Do you feel this sentence was stiff enough? This is taken from cp24.com
It’s a case animal lovers won’t soon forget, especially the unfortunate few who were in court to witness the tape showing the brutal torture and slaying of a stray cat by three young men. And now a Crown lawyer is asking for a harsher sentence to be handed down to 22-year-old Jamie Powers, one of the previously convicted.

Powers was handed an initial sentence of 18-months house arrest and 90 days in custody to be served on weekends. In the Ontario Court Of Appeal, lawyer Jamie Kluckach called the sentencing a ‘fundamental misconception’ on the part of the trial judge who doled out the controversial decision. He, along with scores of animal activists, believe it was too lenient.

“If this does not qualify as the worst kind of cruelty to animals, it is difficult to conceive what might," Klukach said in court.

Power and Anthony Wennekers, 25, pleaded guilty to mischief and animal cruelty for participating in the May 2001 torture and killing of the animal. They were convicted and sentenced in April 2002. The third man seen in the videotape, Matthew Kaczorowski, will be sentenced after the Ontario Court of Appeal hears the appeal of Power's sentence.

The Crown wants Power to serve the rest of his sentence in jail, not at home. Wennekers has already served his sentence of 22-months.
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personally I don't think it was a strong enough punishment. Some of "my" cats are outside and people might think they are strays, but ashton, lilly, sherbert, and snowwhite all mean ALOT to me. So does any other cat I see. If someone can do something that sick to an innocent animal who knows what other horrible things they can do. This really bring tears to my eyes. My sentences would be to skin them, poor salt all over then and then shoot them...our run them through a dealy slicer. Of couse I know the rest of the world doesn't feel the same way I do, but I think they should atleast have to sit in jail for a very very long time.
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I think it is not long enough, by a long shot. Especially when you consider that people like Jeffrey Dahmer started out abusing and killing animals.

Let the punishment fit the crime.
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Definitely not a strong enough punishment!!! I don't care if the cat belonged to someone or not, that is not how you treat any animal! There is something evil in this person to even think up a crime such as this! Then, to actually carry it out....it makes me sick to think of it!!! I couldn't hand down a punishment cruel enough for what this terrible person did!
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Thats not good enough - he should be getting a stiffer sentence and like Mom of 10 cats said, Jeffery Dahmer and a lot of serial killers started out by killing animals. What a sicko.
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He needs to work in a rescue shelter for the next 10 years as well as lots of therapy. Why don't these people get psyc help???
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Originally posted by DragonLady
He needs to work in a rescue shelter for the next 10 years as well as lots of therapy. Why don't these people get psyc help???
Because THEY don't think that there's anything wrong with themselves. Too bad that flogging and flaying have been outlawed.
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The problem is that too many people think that animal abuse does not show that there is a problem.

Draw and quarter them, I say. We don't need their kind.
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Is the sentence too lenient? Sure, but look at our prison system and how many get away with little or no punishment for crimes against people. Animal abusers aren't going to get just punishment as long as the entire system is too lenient, period.

This guy needs to work some long, hard hours in an animal shelter, IMO.
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I think they ought to be locked up for years. Too bad they can't put people in the nut house forever anymore. Or turn them over to us. I'd like to skin him. I don't think working in an animal shelter is a good idea, because he is such a jerk he'd probably get his jollies for the poor abused babies.

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