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Gaining cat's trust ... ?

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Another question since you guys here are so helpful!

I moved out of my mom's house a little less than a year ago when I graduated. She has two cats there, both of which I was very close to, but most especially our orange tabby, Abbie. She was my baby, would sleep with me at night & just sit talking to me in my room all the time

However since I've left, when I go to my mom's she hides in the corner of her closet (not weird behavior for her necessarily, but strange behavior towards ME) & she won't let me touch her. She's absolutely terrified of me. She's always been an incredibly neurotic cat, scared of everything, but not normally towards me.

It's just a little depressing & I'm wondering if there's a way to go about changing her behavior towards me again? Gaining her trust back? Anyone have any tips?
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Luna was like this to me after her big trip to the vet after she ate a plastic bag and also to my boyfriend for a while - she'd hide under the bed whenever he came over after being away for a little while. We tempted her out with her fave foods - and not just her favourite flavoured food, but we cooked her fresh food and left it out for her but would stay close by while she was eating it. She came around quickly.
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She may feel that you abandoned her and it will take a lot of time and patience to regain her trust. I don't know how well it will work if you are only visiting occasionally. Is there any chance that you could take her home with you so that you are spending more time with her?
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Since cats recognize people by sound and smell, it's very possible you smell so different she doesn't recognize you.
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Mike's right, the scent could be the problem. If you're there fairly frequently or infrequently but for like a week or two when you go, get a t-shirt really sweaty, and put it in the corner of her closet - or stick it under the food dish while you're there. It'll get your scent re-associated with "good" things. Might help.

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Oh, I bet it is the scent thing. Since moving, I've lived in a brand new place (obviously) with my now husband who she never knew that well & with a new cat who she definitely never met. I can see how I probably smell nothing like I used to!

Thanks, I'll try that!
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