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What kind of litter does everyone use?

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We were using ExquisiCat from PetsMart, but one night before we went to California, it was too late to go to PetsMart. So, I ended up going to the grocery store and buying Fresh Step. I must say, I think I will start buying Fresh Step from now on. It has baking soda to keep the smells away really well. So, what kind do you use?
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I swear by the Arm and Hammer scoopable..there's lots of choices and opptions though. You can check this thread out too.
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If your looking for a decent litter that clumps but won't cost you alot, try looking into the brands at wholesale clubs like BJ's, Costco or Sam's.
I by BJ's brand Berkley and Johnson. I get a 36lb. box for $6.00. It has baking soda, smells nice and is scoopable. It's alittle bit more dusty than the name brands but my cats don't seem to care.
I like that I can get alot for the money.
I also used the Arm and Hammer and that's good too.
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I too use the Berkley & Johnson for one of my cats and then the other 8 litter boxes have a litter similiar to Feline Pine. It is called Earth Safe. It is great it turns into saw dust and then I throw it on the compost pile. You only have to take out the poop. There is also no urine smell.
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The two best clumping ones that I have used are Arm & Hammer and EverClean. These clump the quickest and the hardest. I also add a deodorizer called OdorEze that completely eliminates all smells.
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We used to use Fresh Step, but it is sooooo expensive when you have to change litter frequently. We now use the Stop and Shop Scented, which is half the cost, and keeps the odor down just as well.
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hi there...I use the clumping type from WalMart called "Special Kitty". It's scented, scoopable and comes in a plastic container or larger bags.(with the green label) It's cheap, clumps well, and doesn't have much dust. I usually put some baking soda in just in case - not too much though!
Once I had a few empty containers, I started buying the larger bags and putting that into my containers - easier to pour!
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I use Tidy Cat scoopable. They have an antibacterial formula (green label on container). It seems to keep the odor problem to a minimum. I hang onto my empties also and buy the big bag. It's cheaper.
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I use Tidy Cat for multiple cats and I add Arm&Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer with baking soda. It seems to work really well and keeps the smell down alot.
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Since Muffy got pregnant, I had to change her litter to one that would be safe for her babies. I tried the wheat clumping litter, and didn't like it too much. Kinda smelly. Then I tried the Feline Pine, and I really like it! I've been using it for about a month now, and I'm still pleased. It's really different from most litters, especially it's texture. It's pellets of compressed pine rather than sandy material. Thankfully, Muffy is so laid back that she doesn't care what I do to her litter. This stuff hasn't smelled at all! I'll let you know how it does when I have more than one cat using it!

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I use Tidy cat's for multiple cats (green label). I must say it has done wonders to keep the odor down. I scoop twice a day and I never smell it unless they just get out of it. Even my fiance says he can't smell it and that's the only thing he does not like about the cats. Now I am trying the Tidy cat's crystals Blend. I like to buy the big bags and pour them into the smaller(more expensive) containers I saved. :flash:
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I have used Premium Scoopable Cat Litter that they sell at Pet Supplies Plus. It's about $8 for a 40 pound bag which I also mix with fresh step to help with the odor. Lately I've been using the same stuff Michelerad uses and I really like it. There's no odor as long as you take the poops out everyday. And you only change it when it turns to sawdust. I still keep two boxes of the other stuff because one of my 7 cats, Casey, doesn't like the Earth Safe. Everyone is happy.
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