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Kittens and Kitten Momma are sick...HELP

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Please help, I am so stressed and sad...I recently took in the neighborhood cat (she is probably less than a yr old), she just had her kittens last week, she had 4, 3 have already passed, and the last one is hanging on, but I am concerned. Momma is still leaking a little (clear liquid)and she lost interest after the first baby died, but we were bottle feeding them and it was working well at first. Then they didn't want anything to do with the bottle, so we force fed her and hydrated her so that she would be able to feed the babies. Needless to say, three of them did't make it, and the fourth has a cold, won't bottle feed, and isn't very interested in nursing, we are keeping him warm and trying to feed often to hydrate him as well as possible. He also has a bit of diahrea. I am taking him to the vet tomorrow, but I want to do all I can to make sure he makes it thru the night. ANY ideas???? I appreciate any ideas...any at all...thanks all!
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I'm sorry you lost three of the babies already. RIP little ones.

What are you feeding them and how often? Are you stimulating the kitten to pee and poop after each feeding? Is the mother doing anything at all to care for the kitten or is she totally ignoring him?

Is there any way you can get them to a vet tonight instead of waiting for tomorrow?

Sorry, it seems all I have are questions, no answers.
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Unfortunately, none of the babies survived. I rushed them to the Animal ER...but before we made it to the vet he passed on. I was feeding KMR every 2 hrs, but when they stopped eating, I put them with the mama and watched to see if they ate, they did better with that. Then I also tried to add KMR every chance that I could....forcing them to eat...in the end none of it worked. Momma was half interested in helping, I believe she is sick as well, but I have been force feeding her as well and now she is back to eating on her own...thank God. I used to foster kittens for the humane society and now I remember why I had to take a break...I am a mess if they don't make it. Do you think maybe she was too young and didn't have the nutrients/health for the babies? She was a stray as well. Well, I am taking her to the vet for her shots and to get fixed...Thanks for the reply, I appreciate the assistance.
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I am so sorry none of the kittens made it R.I.P little ones. Don't blame yourself!You did all you could.
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I'm so sorry...I'm sure you did everything you could.
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