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Today has been the suckiest day for me. I know I 'm new here and haven't really met a lot of people but I just need to vent.

Went to get my car smogged this morning after discovering I've been driving on expired registration since Jan (paperwork got misplaced in a move). My car's water pump is going out and spraying HOT water on the engine so they can't even smog it until I get that fixed 25.00 for the part and 70.00 for the shop to put it in....Went to DMV to get the fees paid at least 136.00 with the fines and now they say I owe 14.00 more because my insurance had lapsed for a time last year. I have no clue where the 70.00 is coming from and now Sugar is in heat again so she and her sister Taffy and T's kitten are living in a crate because we don't want Sugar pregnant again. I thought we'd be able to get at least our little boys neutered this month but if I don't have this car, no one eats cuz I can't work. At this rate I'd like to find the girls a new home, they HATE our dogs and the kitty boys are all very rough with the girls. This whole thing sucks and I just want to find a corner to curl up in and cry. top it off my 17 year old kitty that stayed at my MIL's house when I moved took a bad health turn and had to be PTS.....what a sucky week.

Thanks for letting me vent.
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Uggg, what a dreadful week.

Vent away....doesn't matter how long you've been here. There's lots of people that understand your frustration.

If you need to cry, cry. If you need to yell, grab a pillow and holler your lungs into it. You will feel better.

I'm sorry it has been such a crappy week for you. The good news is, it's almost over, right.

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Oh dear.. stressful.. gotta hate these unexpected turns. But here's to getting through it, huh? Things will start going your way again soon. Until then.. sending positive vibes!!

There are often shelters that do low cost spay/neuter programs. So maybe when things start coming back together, you can check into something like that to keep the cost down?

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Ugh...some days it just seems to be one thing after another doesn't it.

You just do whatever you need to to get through this week and feel better. Things will get better soon.
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man, sometimes life really gives you a kick in the shins doesn't it many vibes for things to get better soon and I'm very sorry about your kitty
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I'm sorry you're having such a lousy week, we all get them tho. I sure hope things turn around for you.
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Thanks for letting me vent. Today it seemed like everything totally turned around. Got my paychecks in the mail a couple of days early. The car will be fixed on Monday the cupboards are full and it will only be a couple of weeks till I can start getting everyone spayed/neutered.

Even found out that the place I want to get married at in September will be free to use! Now it's my Sunday, I'm gonna go make an apple pie to celebrate and just take a HUGE deep breath and relax.
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